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Modern Warfare 2 website is live – updated with teaser footage and Russian translation

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 March 20092 Comments

mw2Infinity Ward. A name now synonymous with the highest standard of FPS on the market.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare set the diamond standard for shoot-em-ups in 2007. For many the benchmark remains unchallenged, even in light of the recent triple-A titles to hit the shelves.

IW have certainly caused a stir with news of the new Modern Warfare game, aptly titled ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2′. And where can you find out more about this upcoming game?

Well actually, nowhere just yet.

There is, however, a new website over at IW with nought but a soundwave wobbling about. Making no noise. Nothing else is there other than the repeating signal, but we’re sure that there is much more to come in the near future.

So bookmark this, monitor it daily – hourly, even – and get the info as soon as it happens. Or you could just keep checking back with us if you’re not quite so obsessive-compulsive. Seeing as we just can’t help it.

…It’s medical, you know. We’ve got a note from the doctor and everything.

UPDATE: We did say we’d be checking that site religiously. If you checked on it already only to be greeted by the lulling acoustics of a soundwave – you should check it again. The site has now been updated with the first teaser for Modern Warfare 2. Or you could just watch it below.

Not much to see but there’s also the small point of a release date pinned on at the end. 11.10.09 translates to November 10th (for our non-US readers whose hearts all skipped a beat thinking it was coming in October).

The trailer ends with a snippet of what could be Russian. There’s some dispute on the net about what is exactly being said but the general gist is: “God is with us. A revolution is not possible without a revolutionary situation.”