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Monosugoi! Dengeki interviews FFXIII creators

Submitted by on Tuesday, 31 March 2009One Comment

Lightning strikesWith April 16th literally around the corner, Japan is about to go Final Fantasy bananas when the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-ray release unleashes a certain FFXIII playable demo.

Japan’s other popular gaming magazine, Dengeki (which means ‘electric shock’ in Japanese by the way), sat down with Final Fantasy XIII’s Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama, producer and director respectively, for a revealing chinwag to see how things are progressing in the land of all things Fantasy.

Thankfully, with the series’ almost rabid popularity world-wide, we’re lucky to have a source such as The Unofficial Final Fantasy Site to do all the translation work for us and help decipher any new revelations about SquareEnix’s RPG juggernaut.

Presenting the details in a handy bullet format, the unofficial site summarises oodles of information from the lengthy interview. The highlights for us include:

The demo is already quite dated so don’t go judging its virtues based on a 2008 build. It also commands only 50% of the PS3’s power while the final product goes the whole way and maxes out your blank monolith to its proverbial limit. We would like to remind readers that this is standard hyperbolic talk from developers who apparently max out consoles’ abilities all the time only to uncover some secret kung fu technique in the future that squeezes out even more juice from the beasts.

If you find the demo suspiciously easy, near fear – it’s meant to be. Toriyama-san and Kitase-san reveal that the final game will have increased difficulty.

Technology wise, they’re not sure if the game will require a single or dual layer Blu-ray but “space is not an issue.” This obviously suggests single layer to us but nothing is confirmed until development is complete. The PS3’s limited memory has been a challenge however which is something we do find somewhat intriguing and are looking forward to hearing more about.

Graphically, the game will still contain the series’ luscious trademark CGI sequences but the in-game visuals are so good that Kitase-san reckons it’s difficult to tell the CGI and the real-time elements apart.

The translation goes on to discuss characters such as Lightning and the challenge of making her strong yet still feminine, Chocobo plumage, the battle theme and lots of other interesting details of the upcoming game. It’s highly recommended.