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European Home gets lots of new content

Submitted by on Thursday, 5 March 20093 Comments

res_homeAs every Thursday in Home, this morning there was some weekly maintenance, however, when Home came back online again, lots of new content to explore was available.

TedTheDog from the European Home team announces all the new content on the official forums.

First, SCEE have finally updated the Home Square with a new ‘Helicopter lift’ game. 

This week we’ve updated Home Square with a multi-player game, Helicopter Hit and you’ll find it on the grassy knoll near the Bowling Alley.

What Ted hasn’t mentioned that there is a teleporter (seriously) in the square by the waterfall. Unfortunately, it’s not working just yet to my knowledge. But it doesn’t end there: The Resident Evil 5 space that was announced before, has arrived into the Home Universe. 

Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot comes to Home with the addition of the space from Capcom and you’ll find it under their chip on the World Map. 
The Space is not yet complete but we thought you would enjoy exploring this behind the scenes look at Capcoms latest.

Finally, new content in the Home store is available including Resident Evil shirts and Watchmen furniture, some of which are free.

The WATCHMEN content is now complete with a couple of Comics to adorn your apartment together with the WATCHMEN clock. All available from the Furniture Store in the Shopping Centre.

The four unlockable Street Fighter IV shirts are already in Home and today we are adding 4 complete purchasable costumes to the Threads store.  Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li are all available in 4 or 5 piece sets.

Home has got a lot more interesting. Who really knows what Sony has planned for the service. And we really want to know where this teleporter will takes us!