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New inFamous trailer – now with more frames per second

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 March 20092 Comments

inFamous It’s trailer time again over at the official PS blog with Brian Fleming from Sucker Punch Productions introducing the latest in visual candy from the upcoming sand-box and electricity themed inFamous.

Check after the super-powered jump for a look at the new footage.

Warning though, it’s all in slooow … mmmo …..

We’ve been (in)famously on the fence regarding how inFamous is going to ultimately perform this Summer with this particular writer (admittedly prematurely) declaring his allegiances to rival open world city-hopping title PROTOTYPE (no, caps lock did not  slip on there by mistake; that’s the official type set for the game).

Steadily over the last few months however, as new footage emerges and Cole becomes more and more a tangible character and not just some Justin Timberlake look-a-like who can shoot bolts from his hands, we’ve started to really warm towards Sucker Punch’s inFamous and the prospect of yet another hit on Sony’s hands this June.

The new trailer is something different than the previous offerings on show. With the frame count getting a significant increase (looks like 48 frames per second to us, but what do we know, we’re not film students) gone are the snappy fight scenes with languid mood shots of a slow motion presentation in its stead.

What this brings to the table is a dreamy slow-mo epic styled offering of Cole getting up to his usual hijinks as he gallivants around the perilous city. Gasp in amazement as Cole drops from a perch to zap an unwitting foe. Wince with empathy as he delivers a thundering left hook that nearly takes an adversary’s head clean off.

Or, just enjoy the trailer. We did.

Finally, is anyone else getting a 300 trailer vibe of this piece? The song in question is “Malabar Front” from If These Trees Could Talk (thanks Jeff!), and though it doesn’t have the same impact as Nine Inch Nail’s “Just Like You Imagined”, we’re definitely picking up the same atmosphere from this new trailer.

Let us know if you agree in the comments. Or if we’ve finally lost our minds.