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New inFamous trailers show karma mechanics, grenades

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 March 20093 Comments

Zombie Cole thirsted for famous brainsComing up with the goods once again, IGN have delved into inFamous’ much lauded karma system with a couple of videos to hammer home how the game’s morality mechanism works.

Though Sucker Punch’s new game’s good and evil dilemma was something hinted at in the past, it is only now that we get an indepth understanding of just how the choices in the game will affect the player’s journey through a devastated Empire City.

inFamous is pretty much an open ended morality tale with elements that are very close to how Lionhead’s Fable handled a similar system. Not that this is a bad thing of course.

Helping out stricken inhabitants with revivals etc., (Cole’s electricity powers allow him to act as a one-man defibrillator machine) Cole’s “good” scale fills up along with his appearance taking on a more heroic sheen and his electric powers becoming blue in colour.

Decide to boot innocent people up and down the street however; Cole’s persona becomes demonic, his apparel tarnished, and his electricity taking on a more ominous red hue.

A karma system wouldn’t be anything without degrees of course. There are three levels on offer per alignment with Guardian, Champion, and Hero ranks making up the good scale and Thug, Outlaw, and the elusive Infamous grade available for those who prefer to help Grandma towards her grave rather than across the street. These titles are important as, though experience points earned throughout the game act as currency for certain purchasable abilities, some are only available when players have gained the appropriate notoriety. Some of these powers, such as the Shockwave ability available for those who reach Champion rank, are shown in the second video below.

Apart from this incremental morality shift, there are also 15 to 18 crucial decisions within the game’s story campaign that decides Cole’s ultimate path along his quest. These determinations will impact how the game plays out with players warned that, once the choice is made, whatever consequences result will just have to be accepted and dealt with.

The guys over at IGN got to play through at least two of these pivotal moments in the game with one of the early “choice calls” occurring after a mission involving a food drop. Do you let the people, starved and frantic in a city gone to hell, avail of the supplies or do you keep them yourself? The choice is yours but both directions will have different consequences. Check out the almost Rorschach sounding Cole deciding what to do below.

As mentioned above, here’s some footage of unlockable abilities tied in with Cole’s karma level.

Finally, Eurogamer Portugal have posted up a new game-play video showing off Cole dispatching some adversaries through the use of charged “grenade” type attacks. Check out the footage and see if you can detect the different lightning attacks.