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New Red Faction: Guerrilla trailer shows weapons, Mars and destruction

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 March 2009One Comment

Red FactionWe haven’t really been thinking about Red Faction: Guerrilla with any great deal of anticipation here at PS3 Attitude.

Though we have memories of the first game on the PS2 (and some being quite fond), the latest chapter in the franchise hasn’t really sparked that “must have” desire among us. This indifference can probably be explained simply because we’ve yet to see anyhing that really gets our juices flowing.

Until now that is.

Check after the Martian space-jump for a trailer that is full of explosions, action and, dare we say it, jetpacks?

Consider us officially interested.

First found over at C&VG, the trailer is a non-stop riot of what stupendous fun can be had on the red planet. Focusing on the weapons available, we get to see the trusty wrench, the electric arc welder and other such wonderments of destruction like singularity bombs and what’s know as a “Walker”. Think cargo-bay loader from Aliens – with attitude.

Of course, the biggest rush is received when viewing how the protagonist of the piece traverses the battleground using a death-defying jetpack; raining fire and death from above with another speciality weapon: the thermobaric rocket.

The gameplay does smack of a number of familiar and recent games and you’ll notice that there is a distinctive Mercenaries 2 flavour from the offering. You also wouldn’t be crazy if you thought, with its open plan area and cropped hair lead character, that this could be GTA: Mars.

Regardless of its similarities to other properties, this actually looks like a blast.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.