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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 coming to PS3

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 March 20096 Comments

ninjagaidensigma2Tomonobu Itagaki may no longer be with Tecmo but that won’t stop Team Ninja from keeping their most successful franchise going, and in as many new directions as possible.

With Yosuke Hayashi stepping in as director, the March edition of Famitsu reveals tht a PS3 ‘remake’ of  Ninja Gaiden 2 is planned for this Fall.

However, considering Microsoft published the Ninja Gaiden follow-up, just how much will the sigma sequel be a re-imagining of the source material versus a bone fide port of the 360 game?

Ninja Gaiden has a chequered past. Xbox players bemoaned the first game, claiming it was too difficult only for Ninja Gaiden Black to come out and offer an even harder rendition. Next came the PS3 remake “Sigma” that Itagaki-san berated as some sort of “abomination” with its director, the aforementioned Hayashi-san, actually sitting next to him at the time. This was all to be expected however considering the outspoken Itagaki-san having already pinned his undying allegiances to the Microsoft mast. The fact that this game is coming to the PS3 at all is a little bit of a surprise considering the original’s backers.

The Famitsu scan reveals little other than the fact that it’s coming for the PS3 with the Japanese text above simply claiming: “PlayStation 3 Second Coming!”

It does appear that, besides the main character and titular Ninja extraordinaire, Ryu Hayabusa, players will be able to control Ayane.

Apart from new modes and content, the game’s very existence does raise further questions about just what we will be getting thus Autumn.  Considering Microsoft published the sequel on the 360, just how much of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will be a port of the original and how much will be a complete remake based on proprietary PS3 code?

Yosuke Hayashi created a well-received and HD version with the first Sigma game so we’re confident that he will repeat his previous success with this new venture, but has the Ninja boat sailed? Do PS3 fans still want to get their hands on Ninja Gaiden 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.