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Playfire Links Trophies Directly to Sony Servers

Submitted by on Wednesday, 4 March 20096 Comments

playfireAll of us here at PS3 Attitude Towers are fans of trophies. We are also a fan of Playfire and their ability to create our very on trophy cards to show off to all our gaming friends. So when the site announced that you can now link directly to the Sony Servers for all your trophy needs, there were celebrations all around. No more having to manually go in and update each and every trophy you earn! Hooray!

With finally getting trophy support, it was only a matter of time before 3rd party sites would have access to the data as well. You can now log in with your PSN ID and password to update your trophies, directly from the hands of Sony. Once, done, the process to retrieve your trophy information will begin.

We’re not sure how long this takes as this writer is still waiting for it to finish. The servers are most likely being bombarded right now so don’t fret because you won’t have to sit by your computer, eying a progress bar. They will send you an email once it’s complete. While you’re there though, why not join the PS3 Attitude group and make some new friends?