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PS3 gets Two Million just before its birthday

Submitted by on Thursday, 5 March 2009No Comment

balloonsThe PlayStation 3 is approaching its 2nd birthday in the PAL territory on March 23rd. With weeks to go before the big day, SCEE has something else to smile about. 

It has been announced that it has hit sales of over two million in the UK alone. This is an impressive number for what Sony call a “premium product”.

If you look at the RRP that we’ve had out there for 2 million units, and compare it to PlayStation One and PlayStation 2, it’s amazing that we’ve got to this kind of level. Actually, I’m really pleased with that – it does show that the premium product was the right strategy to have. 

He continues by discussing how the PlayStation 3 life-cycle compares to other consoles past and present:

It also shows that we have potentially more longevity in PlayStation 3 than we had in the previous PlayStations, simply because if the price goes down we’ve still got a massive market place to sell in to. Really that’s testament to the risk that was taken – do you have a fully-loaded feature-set, or do you just go for price?

If you just go for price at the moment it must mean, by looking at the stats, that the cycle will be shorter for those which are not so forward-facing, compared to PlayStation 3 which has clearly got many years to run.

We congratulate Sony on their success in the UK, and worldwide, and hope they are quick at getting their next million! Looking at the line-up, we don’t think it will be so much of a struggle.