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Sony registers trademark with PS Cloud

Submitted by on Monday, 30 March 20093 Comments

pscloudSony has registered a trademark on the term ‘PS Cloud’ for use with a cloud computer network on PlayStation products. 

Little other information is given, but the unannounced service could offer a number of opportunities. 

For instance, Sony could use a PlayStation Cloud Network to host games on an online server for gamers to stream instead of downloading, just like the recently announced OnLive business.

A service like this, however, requires a super-fast internet connection and in today’s market, it can currently only be limited to a very small minority of people.

Alternatively, Sony could allow users to host save data to make it simpler to switch between machines and continue their progress in a game. Or gamers could share demos, trailers and music with others.

There is so much potential that could be utilised from a Cloud Network.

But whatever it could be for, not every trademark sees the light of day into a service or product, so this may be the first, and last time we hear about it.