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Resident Evil 5 DLC incoming… but is that a good thing?

Submitted by on Friday, 13 March 20095 Comments

resident-evil-5-box-artToday we got word from the folks over at Capcom that they are in the process of getting the first load of DLC prepared for release into the wild.

With the game not even out yet, this is at once both great and concerning news.

Great that Capcom are already demonstrating their support for the new Resident Evil game and the community.

But what in the world would this announcement have us concerned about?

The DLC is called ‘Versus’, and means that up to four players can take up arms against each other in one of two game modes.

In ‘Slayer’s Rule’, each player is challenged with killing as many Majinis as possible, with the player earning the most Majini kills winning. The other game type, ‘Survivor’s Rule’, sees players pitted against each other in a death-match, with free-for-all or “dynamic duo” team-based gameplay options to choose from.

The Versus pack is due for release some time after the game hits shelves at a cost of  $3.99.

While it is great that this add-on has been announced, there are voices in the backs of our minds loitering about with intent, whispering pre-emptive warnings.

You see, the issue is that there is a growing concern about the nature of DLC, and the possible uprising of a darker side to the whole idea of extra content becoming available post-launch. 

In this era of online home consoles, there exists the potential for developers to see DLC as an ‘easy buck’. With RE5 not even in the shops yet, did Capcom deliberately leave out the competitive mode in order to provide it later as DLC? 

There are obviously time constraints to take into consideration here, and we’re by no means belittling the huge amounts of work that go into each and every game that is released.

DLC which is genuinely adding something extra? Yes please. Lots.

DLC which is genuinely adding something extra? Yes please. Lots.

What we are calling out is the risk that we could wind up paying $50 for a game, then an additional $5 for each feature, including multiplayer, the second half of the single player campaign, and another skin for your character.

When all is said and done, as long as there are schmucks like us prepared to pay top-dollar for, say, a day-one LBP t-shirt, there will always be those items and elements left out of the final product – deliberately or otherwise – only to be added later at a premium.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever felt like you’ve been fleeced by a game’s exorbitant DLC? What game would you line up and have shot for the cost of its DLC? Soapboxes have been prepared in the usual place below.