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SEGA on a roll; new Bayonetta screenshots emerge

Submitted by on Saturday, 14 March 2009No Comment

BayonettaThere’s no denying that SEGA are having a great run at the moment.

With last year’s Valkyria Chronicles showing that whatever SquareEnix can do, they can do … well, we would have said better but, considering SE have only literally just released their first game on the PS3 (and it’s an iPhone port of a tower defending tie-in with the ubiquitous Final Fantasy franchise), we’ll just say they did it. And did it well.

Then there’s the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection that has had us all collectively weeping tears of nostalgic joy. Not to forget the fact that RyÅ« ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) has sold, and continues to sell, exceptionally well in Japan.

Check after the jump for some more positives from the present and, if some new screens suggest anything, maybe in the near future.

If you combine the aforementioned successes with their recent non-PS3 achievements (Madworld on the Wii has been received exceptionally well as has Empire: Total War for the PC), things are looking quite good for ole SEGA.

Next on the horizon is Bayonetta from director Hideki Kamiya. A lot has been made about Kamiya-san’s pedigree, with one game he worked on in particular standing out in terms of familiarity to this new property.

Not one to jump on the presumption bandwagon, we feel that, when compared to Devil May Cry,  Bayonetta is different enough (despite the combat modes, the religious overtones and the cooler than cool hero[ine]) that we’re not going to make the snap “This is  just DMC with a girl!” judgment. Also, Dante wasn’t wrapped in his own hair and flashed some flesh whenever he struck out at fiendish minions so that’s got to account for something.

But do you feel that Kamiya-san is merely aping his old work? Would some new screenshots showing off some more of the games’s artistic style help in your deliberations? We’re here to assist.