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Spider Studios reveals new RPG ‘Mars’

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 March 20094 Comments


It seems that the red planet has been the basis for more horror stories than we care to recall. From possessive ghosts to saving earth and even attacks directly on our planet by martians, there is no shortage of inspiration from our nearest astronomical neighbour for ideas on killing us all off.

Spiders – also known as Spider Studios – have revealed that they intend to send us on our own red planet quest when they release their Mars-based Beat-em-all Action-RPG, interestingly titled ‘Mars’.

What exactly is a ‘BEAARPG’? (Other than a Martian death-cry, obviously!)

According to the Mars website:

Mars aims to renew the RPG gaming experience with more intuitive, faster and more gratifying action phases, while at the same time keeping the specific main features of the genre. The idea is to blend two genres, Beat’em all Action and RPG, combining character progression, immersion, equipment collection, additional quests and a solid storyline with rhythmic combat sequences, a sense of power from the beginning of the game and of course QTE and bosses with sequential behaviour.

There will be two characters to choose from, with Seth shaping up to swing into the ‘warrior’ role with vicious swords flying, whilst Pandora is looking like she has more of a ‘Sorceress’ role, wearing magic gauntlets and the like to channel magic through.

Each character will have a separate storyline in the game, with sections of intertwined overlap inserted, presumably to make you want to play through as the other character.

With up to four players in ‘Arena’ mode (some kind of battle royale?) we can all look forward to some multiplayer fun – a nice touch considering the normally-solitary nature of console ARPGs.

There is a ton of information available on the Mars website, along with some screenies and the like. We have taken the best shots and placed them at your disposal at the bottom of the page in the form of a very useful gallery.

It’s ok; we know we spoil you, but you’re worth it. Go ahead and have a click-see before letting us know what you reckon in the comments.