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Thank Flock! Prepare for sheep herding this April 9th

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 March 20094 Comments

Flock-newIt’s taken its damn sweet time (though not as long as a certain rotund royal) but finally we can lock Flock! down to a release date.

Fans of alien sheep management (and who isn’t?) can finally get their hands on the game this April 9th.

Flock! is equal parts Mars Attacks!, Destroy All Humans and PixelJunk Monsters. What really has us enthralled however is the co-operative game-play mechanism that allows such things as one free-floating alien saucer to assist another by tractor-beaming a fence up into the air or scaring fleeceable ovine in one direction while the other performs the actual “abduction” towards the Mother Flocker* base ship

No word on pricing at the moment though expect Flock! to be somewhat sheepish and not break the bank.

*We’re not sure if this term is actually still in the game. We’ll be really disappointed if political correctness has gotten in the way of probably one of the best play on words we’ve “herd” in a long time. OK, we have to stop with the sheep puns.

Source via Joystiq.