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The Witcher – New Video

Submitted by on Tuesday, 31 March 20093 Comments

the-witcher-rise-of-the-white-wolfThe Witcher was released on the PC in Fall 2007 by CDProjekt to critical acclaim, with a Metacritic score of 81. While there were detractors who scored it much lower, the game garnered a number of RPG GOTYs.

Skip forward to 2009, and we are once again looking to the season of brown leaves for signs of this white-haired swordsman. The upcoming console version of the game, The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, is looking significantly better than the PC counterpart, as demonstrated by the new video.

With a far more cinematic feel to it, the console version could well be something special. RPGs are scant on the ground at the moment in the PS3 universe and a really great title could make a massive difference to many gamers.

It’s worth noting that this is target render, but boy does it look good! After what KZ2 achieved from an initial target render, we still have faith that games can achieve these impressive targets.