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Top 5 Killzone 2 secrets

Submitted by DolphGB on Tuesday, 10 March 20095 Comments

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killzone 2We’ve gone behind the scenes of Killzone 2 with Guerrilla Games to reveal some of the secret features and development tricks used to create the best FPS title on the PlayStation 3.

If you ever wondered how they made those amazing weapons (the answer isn’t what you would expect) or what secrets are behind some of the more ‘obscure’ characters, now is your chance to find out…

1. Private Billinghurst is now a Corporal; was based on two employees

We all know that stalwart characters such as Rico and Templar make an appearance in Killzone 2, but what about the ‘bit part’ players.

Back in the original Killzone, during the early parts of the single-player campaign, you were introduced to a young Private Billinghurst. In the original title, he did nothing but lead you into the next area. Naturally, you followed him.

In a ‘nice to see you once again’ cameo appearance, Billinghurst is now a Corporal in Killzone 2.

What you may not know is that Billinghurst was actually based on two GG employees (one current and one former); the name comes from Stuart Billinghurst (a Senior Level Designer) and his face is from Gino Dammers (former animator).

2. Guerrilla Games used car parts to make some of the weapons

Yes – it is true.

The VC21 Bolt Gun and the VC5 Arc Rifle, having no real-life comparison, were actually created and modelled using car parts. Unfortunately, we don’t know which cars they used…

3. Shooting your colleagues unlocks a bonus feature

You wouldn’t expect ‘friendly fire’ to result in any reward, but Killzone 2 isn’t just any game so that is indeed what happens.

In Campaign mode if you shoot your buddy and revive him, then do it some more, he’ll eventually turn on you and start shooting back. You’ll even find a reference to how many of your colleagues you have upset in the Statistics area.

4. Safety First Trophy; life not a prerequisite

The Safety First Trophy is awarded for shooting off 100 Helghan helmets in Campaign mode.

What you might not know is that the Helghast don’t need to be alive when you do it.

After a heated exchange, and before moving to the next area, walk around and shoot off any helmets belonging to the recently deceased Helghast to gain that particular trophy quicker – and with less resistance!

5. Want realism; you got it, and at 2,000 frames a second

Those guns that could be modeled on the real thing, as opposed to being made from car parts, use more realistic gunfire than you might have thought.

Guerrilla Games recorded the ‘output’ of these firearms using high-speed cameras, recording the explosive action at 2,000 frames per second in order to capture the realism as accurately as possible.

If you want to know more, why not check out our Q&A with Guerrilla Games themselves.

In the meantime, what secrets have you uncovered? Tell us in the comments…

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  • Brodiesan says:

    “Safety First Trophy; life not a prerequisite”


    (But one I’ll be doing later on this evening)

  • FurryFreak says:

    I must have missed Private/Corporal Billinghurst. Was he the guy that talks with Templar in the first cutscene of KZ1? I’ll have to keep a lookout for him while I make my way through Elite. That is if I can make it through Elite (think happy thoughts).

  • superted2day says:

    I do quite like melee attacking the npc’s!

    Will have to remember to ‘clean up’ with the helmets properly after the next fight, altho i think i’m on the last level…

  • Axe99 says:

    ROFL! There’s some entertaining secrets. Good luck with Elite, Furry, not for the faint of heart!

  • TopPS3Gamer says:

    SUFFERING SUCCOTASH… I didn’t know shooting your colleagues unlocks a bonus feature. Believe it or not, I tend not to do that but will sure give it a go :)

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