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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-03-15

Submitted by on Sunday, 15 March 2009No Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterHere is our first weekly Twitter feed digest, full of links to people you should follow and random musings from the various members of the PS3 Attitude Twitter Team.


  • Does Killzone 2 still hold sway with us after two weeks? You bet – just back from another weekend in Helghan, and going back tonight… #
  • @Brodie_san ‘There goes the next 6 months’ might be more appropriate! #kz2 #
  • Just got a big Q&A back. We’ll get it edited and up on the site tomorrow. #
  • HAWX review is done and just needs a final edit, so look out for it tomorrow. Big Q&A out tomorrow too. We’ll call it Top Content Tuesday! #
  • So the CEO of Take-Two officially makes $1 a year. Steve Jobs pulled that one too, thinking we’d forget the super-yacht Apple bought him. #
  • By the way, how many references to ‘300’ did you spot during the Watchmen movie? There are at least three I can remember seeing… #
  • @DylanJobe Does that effectively announce “I mean business today” for you Dylan? in reply to DylanJobe #
  • @stephenfry So we take it you’re not with Jon Stewart on this one Stephen? in reply to stephenfry #
  • Calling it a day Twitterland. Look out for our Killzone Q&A with the nice people at Guerrilla tomorrow – off to play the game now! #
  • Just finished an awesome KZ2 session. Included best score yet (120 points) and unlocked Spot and Mark, which is a blast… #
  • @Phil_Dawson 20 points is good if you’ve just started. When you earn your medals, 1 point will count for 3 so you could have got 60 instead in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Brodie_san That was the radio… no need for alarm in reply to Brodie_san #
  • @DylanJobe In our opinion Dylan, you can’t get much better than the way GG have approached it with KZ2 by having multiple modes per game in reply to DylanJobe #
  • @DylanJobe You need to follow us so we can DM you my good man… in reply to DylanJobe #
  • New RE5 multiplayer modes: Slayers, Survivors, Team Slayers, Team Survivors and Versus. Interesting . . . enough to drag us away from KZ2? #
  • So, why do the Helghast need to wear breathing apparatuses on their OWN planet? We thought these guys were tougher than that! 😉 #
  • @thesixthaxis That’s the rumour. We’ve also heard that it’s due to Helghan’s adverse weather, airborn toxins and to prevent further “damage” in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @thesixthaxis Ah yes – the fish. I fear you may be correct… especially with all that boiling necessary to make it edible – nasty business. in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @DylanJobe We’d love to DM you back Dylan, but that whole ‘not following us’ thing is still getting in the way! 😉 in reply to DylanJobe #
  • @KillzoneDotCom It was me. I admit it. And I stole their Heltots paper craft drawings too. I have no shame. in reply to KillzoneDotCom #
  • RT @thesixthaxis: New blog post: Sega Announce Vancouver 2010 #
  • Just got the Spot & Mark medal – now I can choose any secondary ability with my Scout class – w00t! :) #kz2 #
  • RT @BenParfitt: The REAL story behind that Change4Life ad: Brilliant work from our lad, and star of 5Live, Tim Ingham. #
  • @Veronica TweetDeck really is a marvel once you get the hang of it. The only drawback? It doesn’t handle multiple accounts. Not yet anyway. in reply to Veronica #
  • @Doom_CMYK Do you think they announced this DLC too early? If they had this ready to roll, shouldn’t it have been in the game for free? in reply to Doom_CMYK #
  • @Doom_CMYK Sure… I think if they had held back a little, and given some free stuff first, the money wouldn’t be the issue it seems to be in reply to Doom_CMYK #
  • Just heard that RE5 DLC is actually $4.99 not $3.99… still not free then 😉 #
  • Suggestions please. What’s the best netbook to buy for a writer on the go. Acer? Dell mini? Samsung NC-10 Do I dare go Mac? #
  • Checking out @MrTweet, and thanks to @dmosbon for telling us about it! #
  • Hi @JD_2020: Found you through @MrTweet. PS3 Attitude is a 100% charitable PS3 news site and we <3 CoD:WaW too… #
  • Hi! If you think we add value to your network, drop us a recommendation at Much appreciated! :) #
  • @Gillette73 Thanks Gillette, what attributes do you like about it? Superior battery life? Groovy keyboard? in reply to Gillette73 #
  • @Gillette73 Thanks. Will definitely consider it. Hearing a lot of good things about it. :) Appreciate your input! in reply to Gillette73 #
  • Take our Twiiter poll: Was RE5’s DLC announced to early to be charged for? #twtpoll #
  • @byronicman Presuming Ste is there, is he wearing that pink Space Invaders T-Shirt AGAIN!? 😉 in reply to byronicman #
  • 60% of KZ2 owners have played online apparently. Which means 4 out of 10 are missing the best MP FPS experience to date… #
  • @Phil_Dawson Really? Having played both to death (twice Prestige, now General x1.5), I wouldn’t dream of going back to CoD4 now… in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Brodie_san Or ‘lagging behind’ as we like to call it here at PS3 Attitude Towers… 😉 Have you started Heavenly Sword yet btw? lol in reply to Brodie_san #
  • @Phil_Dawson Good man – that’s the Helghast spirit we’re looking for! Of course, there’s always a chance he might just be bad at it! 😉 in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @leighalexander Hmm… only if they’re good. FYI, top selling PSN games for February were Flower and Noby Noby Boy – variety intact… in reply to leighalexander #
  • @dmosbon Yes – some of our team can’t stay off SFIV… this particular member of the PS3A Twitter Team can resist though… in reply to dmosbon #