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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-03-29

Submitted by on Sunday, 29 March 2009No Comment

PS3 Attitude on TwitterTwitter time again folks.

Just what madness did the PS3 Attitude Twitter team get up to over the last seven days? From chats with Dylan Jobe to Killzone clan details, it’s been a busy week.

Did Brodiesan also claim to be sick of fawning to developers while performing interviews!? And is DolphGB challenging PETA to an all out bout of fisticuffs? The things you find on Twitter these days…

  • @GamePolitics Our pleasure – and if you want to collab in the future, let us know. All our revenue goes to charity, so cross-promo is good! in reply to GamePolitics #
  • Our Clan match with TSR (ThreeSpeech Regulars) was a blast. We won 7-0! Go PS3A!! Thanks TSR for a great game – you guys are great. #kz2 #
  • @cc_starr We did suggest they could play us any time, yes! :) in reply to cc_starr #
  • Just a reminder. If you enter the competition but don’t follow us, your entry is void since we can’t contact you. #
  • @Willeth Almost true… If they look at via the web, they’d still see the reminder regardless in reply to Willeth #
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #gaming #videogames #charity #
  • @Phil_Dawson Nicely done. Unlock all the ’round’ medals & you’ll get +3 instead of +1 for a kill in each round. 150+ points per game… #KZ2 in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Phil_Dawson Are you in a clan yet btw? #KZ2 in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Phil_Dawson Nicely done… one of the things I love about KZ2 is the amount still left to unlock – makes online games forever cha(lle)nging in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • Two articles to write up… a hardware review and our first KZ2 clan match summary… ‘bring on the trumpets’ :) #
  • @Phil_Dawson After General, you continue to play for Weekly Points. And Medals. Glory. Honour. Cornish Pasties. Root Beer. And Mars Bars. in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • If you want to see a full replay of our clan match versus ThreeSpeech Regulars, take a look here – #kz2 #
  • @DylanJobe Is it true you have left Incognito Dylan? #
  • If you fancy having a snipe at the PS3A clan in Killzone 2, drop by and leave us a comment at this URL – #
  • @LCaruana Thanks for the tip friend – we’ll check it out and report accordingly! in reply to LCaruana #
  • A reminder to all our followers to enter our competition if you haven’t already – it’s a doozy! #
  • site facts; in the last 7 days, 11,107 words were copied from the site by readers. Top words; ‘game’, ‘killzone’ #
  • @Cleric20 We do not endorse such un-parently behaviour. 😉 We do, however, recommend you take a cushion to combat those school chairs… in reply to Cleric20 #
  • Calling it a day. Hardware review up tomorrow. Going off to enjoy a slow-cooked chicken fajita recipe we’ve had bubbling for 9 hours… #
  • Killzone 2 Clan Tournament available for signup in-game – PS3A 4on4by4 – 4 clans, 4 rounds, 4 on 4 teams – 28th March at 22:00 GMT #
  • @DylanJobe Hi Dylan – any chance you could follow us please… we have a DM to send you… #
  • Good morning Twitterland. That was some KZ2 session last night! There are some great players out there right now… #
  • …and don’t forget, if you’re in or run a clan, sign up for our PS3A 4on4by4 Tournament this Saturday – just ‘subscribe’ in-game. #
  • Wheelman PS3 review copy just turned up. Demo was surprisingly good fun. Will get it played through and review up soon… #
  • Is it me, or is OnLive just a Citrix Terminal Server for games on the PC and Mac? Please discuss/explain… #
  • @Cleric20 Shucks! Thanks Cleric – that’s awfully kind of you. And good of you to reference our vampiric tendencies also. #MrTweet in reply to Cleric20 #
  • If you’re a member at, we’d really appreciate you leaving a comment on this review – thanks – #
  • @majornelson Yes, and it is the only reasonable alternative to traditional cars. The Prius was nonsense, and electric cars don’t work either in reply to majornelson #
  • @ZombieTron That doesn’t make it right! 😉 140 characters isn’t enough for us to explain why they are poor. The Insight is the way to go… in reply to ZombieTron #
  • Is it asking too much for EA to announce a current-gen SSX title any time soon? #
  • @jeffrubenstein Enjoy that Jeff. Wish we could be there. Have a ‘Facebook-style’ virtual drink on us… i.e. we’re cheapskates… in reply to jeffrubenstein #
  • @Maturegaming We’ll be playing it through tonight and tomorrow, so we’ll let you know real soon! :) in reply to Maturegaming #
  • @LCaruana Indeed. Both our US guys are on the East Coast and we couldn’t get anyone else there. Booo. :( in reply to LCaruana #
  • @RockStar_AV8R ‘Idol’ too long? Is this a Japanese version of Outlook? 😉 in reply to RockStar_AV8R #
  • Random fact of the day: the site is graded 99.6/100 by for marketing effectiveness… nice :) #
  • @LCaruana I’m afraid we fall foul of their ‘too many images on the homepage’ rule, which will never change, so we’re done for! in reply to LCaruana #
  • @mitch_uk Thanks for the tip. We’ll check it out. #
  • @byronicman No – because the data protection act doesn’t actually apply for most companies anyway. It is just ‘company policy’ to blame… in reply to byronicman #
  • @Phil_Dawson Well done chap – keep going! #KZ2 in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @OPM_UK Pachter’s EPS estimates are usually spot on, but he is no futurist or technologist – maybe he should stick to the numbers game… in reply to OPM_UK #
  • @ERK Of course, no-one can be sure when 2.7 will hit. Even if it is ready when R2 1.50 rolls out, it could still fail the PSN upload checks! in reply to ERK #
  • @therealconkers Afraid not. BD games are region free. BD Movies have three regions; A B C. If it says all three on the box, they are region in reply to therealconkers #
  • @therealconkers …free also. Movies that are Region 0 are region free, but only if they are NTSC for your Japanese machine. in reply to therealconkers #
  • Tweets suspended for now until the Big N stop talking, since that is all everyone is talking about! lol #
  • Resistance 2 1.50 patch delayed due to Firmware 2.7 now coming in April? #
  • OK, time to eat humble pie. R2 patch tomorrow. FW 2.7 in April. NOT connected whatsoever. #
  • Updated our Modern Warfare 2 post with the teaser footage. For the four people out there who haven’t seen it yet. #
  • @Phil_Dawson You’re missing … nothing. Mostly it’s just a soundwave then some quick shots of choppers, gunfire, Russian. End. Hmm … in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • Decided to place post-its on my monitor marking all the interviews I have to type up as an incentive to get them done. There’s 7. Blurg! #
  • RT @thesixthaxis: New blog post: God Of War III “Has No Physics” #
  • The darker side of Twitter. #
  • #MrTweet We recommend @Cleric20 because when it comes to movies and media, he’s the man in the know! And he interviewed Jessica Alba once… #
  • As of yesterday, this member of the PS3A Twitter Team now has his Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch, and it is very nice… #
  • Did you know we are an Official Media Partner for the Edinburgh Interactive Festival ’09? – #
  • The Russian at the end of the MW2 teaser is apparently: “God is with us. A revolution is not possible without a revolutionary situation.” #
  • Zombies! What shall we do?: #zombieplan #
  • We picked a better title – “PETA wants that dog to kill you – the PS3 Attitude Opinion” – #
  • Off to get some lunch. Hot dog actually – no word of a lie! #
  • @jeffrubenstein No biggy Jeff – we always assume you’re never actually ‘in’ the office anyhow! :) in reply to jeffrubenstein #
  • @OPM_UK By the way – can you follow us please… we have a DM to send you… thanks… in reply to OPM_UK #
  • If you’re a Reddit user, we’d appreciate your up-vote on this… thanks in advance – #
  • RT @Gamezine: Revd Jesse Jackson dismisses video game link to violence [and dismisses Keith Vaz in the process] – #
  • @Phil_Dawson There’s only one way to find out – FIGHT! in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • RT @Veronica: please help Team Mashable raise $ to fight leukemia. #smack09 12 hrs to go! #
  • @hallower1980 Hmmm. Interesting – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… in reply to hallower1980 #
  • Three out of seven interviews done. I think I reached too far. There’s only so much sycophantic twaddle I can write in one day. I kid! :) #
  • @Aktrez I’d love to, but I don’t think I’ll make it in from London in time. Raincheck? in reply to Aktrez #
  • @Veronica They make them with real Girl Scouts. Scary thought, ain’t it? in reply to Veronica #
  • RT @godfree: Goodbye Blender Magazine – Boooooooo and, err, hisssssss #
  • Looking forward to Katamary’s appearance on the PS3. There’s nothing like rolling a ball around to pick up some rubbish. Quite cathartic. #
  • Blowing the dust off the Games Database. Looks like it needs 40 new entries and a serious tidying. Aliens RPG. *sniff* You’ll be missed. #
  • 28% of @DylanJobe tweets are about not being able to sleep; maybe Dylan should have joined Insomniac! :) #
  • 3,451 words were copied into the clipboard by PS3 Attitude readers yesterday. The top words were ‘attack’ and ‘dogs’… wonder why? 😉 #
  • I demand a PS3 debug unit and a superyacht…: #mydemands #
  • Don’t mean to brag, but our sales projections for #KZ2 have been within +-5% so far – will break 1.5m copies in Week 9 – 4.5m lifetime #
  • @thesixthaxis You know what that means? 26 different versions of the next Tomb Raider, just to really confuse consumers… in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @Aktrez I hope you’re not including PS3 Attitude, our 100% charitable website and our eight writers in that statement! :) in reply to Aktrez #
  • Threespeech get the new Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time trailer. Won’t be available until tomorrow morning however. #
  • Revisited Watchmen: The End Is Nigh thinking it might have matured like a fine wine. Nope, still pants. #
  • We implore you to listen to The Lonely Island’s album. Funniest music since the Flight of the Conchords… :) #
  • @ZombieTron Our full review will be up on PS3 Attitude next week… check it out when you can… :) in reply to ZombieTron #
  • Kinda scary how much of a convert I am to the Oxford/serial comma. Next I’ll be dropping my “u”s and transforming my “s”s into “z”s. #
  • What is Sony going to announce this Tuesday? Let us know your predictions, people. #
  • RT @DylanJobe: – (if you squint your eyes, you can see Dylan is clearly copying Clix – :) #
  • We still need clans to sign up for tonight’s #KZ2 ‘PS3A 4on4by4’ tournament – go to Clans>Tournament in-game and subscribe – 22:00 GMT #
  • @nickchester He’s not crazy. You’re the one that’s crazy! 😉 in reply to nickchester #
  • Loving the new “Let’s Flock Together” game-play video of Proper Games’ upcoming Flock! We really need more games with double entendres. #
  • Having seen some massive thin-client installations struggling with text-only screens, we’re still wondering how OnLive will actually… work #
  • @Fearnecotton PLEASE play anything by the Go! Team – PS3 Attitude is a 100% charity venture, so any mention will help us a lot! Cheers 😉 #
  • @Fearnecotton PLEASE play anything by the Go! Team – PS3 Attitude is a 100% charity venture, so any mention will help us a lot! #
  • @PS3Nation And whilst you’re at it, why not sign up for our ‘PS3A 4on4by4’ Tournament tonight for some extra Clan fun! 22:00 GMT start… in reply to PS3Nation #