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Under Siege first class revealed.

Submitted by on Wednesday, 4 March 2009No Comment

heavy_artIf like us here at ‘the Tower’, you’ve been following the progress that Seed Studios have been making with the RTT (Real Time Tactics) game, Under Siege, you will no doubt know that the first scraps of info are starting to appear over on the dev diary.

This PSN-exclusive is coming later this year, and is shaping up to be something rather special.

How special, we hear you ask…?

Well, with indications of user created content and a fully-fledged single player campaign alongside split-screen co-op, there are plenty of reasons to be salivating mentally at the prospect of getting hold of this game.

There aren’t any plans in the works to incorporate PSP compatibility into the game, so no remote play with this title at this time, but then that’s no great surprise to be honest.

The game is summarised best by the devs themselves:

Under Siege is an RTT (Real Time Tactics) game. It focus only in battles without gathering resources or base building.

There are several races available to play as and the first has been revealed as the Humans. More details below, but from the looks of it, you get several rather nifty unit types to choose from.

The game has some pretty spiffing looks to compliment the gameplay, as you can see in the gallery below.

Three unit types have been revealed so far for the Human faction: ‘Soldier’, ‘Archer’ and ‘Heavy Cannon’. According to Seed Studios, Humans have the best technology of the races, but lack honour and the like.

(Let’s be honest, though; we all prefer a good explosion or gadget over tea and niceties with the vicar, eh?)

Gameplay footage is promised to be on its way along with monthly updates from the devs, so keep checking back for new details…