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Watch CryENGINE 3 running on the PS3

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 March 2009No Comment

KABOOM!Despite some “console” footage of CryENGINE 3 appearing along side the recent announcement that Crytek’s next engine will feature on more than just the PC, we weren’t sure just which console was on show when admiring the impressive tech demo.

Lucky for us, new footage with scenes clearly marked with which console is running has surfaced over at Gamersyde.

We’d embed the video below for your viewing pleasure but unfortunately the guys over at Gamersyde are having issues with bandwidth and streaming at the moment. Therefore you have to trust us when we say you need to click here and marvel at the lush graphics CryENGINE 3 can produce.

Both consoles’ rendering of the scenes presented is extremely well done, and though it’s still very early days yet, we have to at least put it out there that Killzone 2 most definitely has a new competitor in the ring.

It’s not all high-fives and back-slaps however as there are a few things that still need ironing out. The frame rate for instance can stutter at times but, considering the limited amount of memory on offer compared to what the engine enjoys when running on its native PC environment, it’s still extremely impressive and we’re sure the boys at Crytek will continue to improve on what is on show here.