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Watchmen: The End (of your wallet) is Nigh priced.

Submitted by on Tuesday, 3 March 2009One Comment

"Wallet Inspector ... hand it over."With the movie coming out in a matter of days (early word is it’s awesome by the way), it’s no shock to the system to hear that episodic and official canon to Alan Moore’s dystopian (anti) superhero story “Watchmen” will be released shortly.

What is a bit of a surprise to hear however is that the first in what could be many chapters of prequel “The End is Nigh” has received the lavish price of $19.99. (No news on euro or sterling prices at the moment but expect them to be in line with the American amount).

Check after the jump for more information.

We’re not going to be flippant and simply state that the quoted price is too high for what’s on offer as, not having played the game itself, we’re therefore unable to comment on its quality.

What we can discuss is the apparent duration of the inaugural chapter (which we have already talked about and, well, let’s just say you won’t be pulling any all-nighters with Rorschach et. al.) and compare the price with other recent PSN titles like Flower (which released at half Watchmen’s price) and ultimately ask you good people: Is $19.99 too much for 80 minutes of your time? What if they were the best 80 minutes of your gaming life?

Are we focusing too much on quantity when it should be all about the quality and, more importantly, will you be opening up your wallet for the Watchmen?