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Xi Invades Home; People Remain Clueless

Submitted by on Thursday, 19 March 20093 Comments

xi-homeVideos depicting a new feature of Home have been popping up all over the web. These short clips show what appears to be random images, both from the real world and the world inside Home. Most of the clips feature the Greek letter Xi located on a building within Home. Needless to say, these videos are quite strange. It feels like watching an episode of Lost.

To try to better understand what’s happening Xi (pronounced /’sai/ or /’zai/) is the 14th letter of the Greek Alphabet. It also represents the value 60 in its numeral form. Does this have anything to do with Home? Perhaps. has compiled all the videos into one long clip and we must say, watching it totally messes with the mind. From what we can tell, there appears to be some sort of teleportation device, a robot, and other nonsense. It all seems very futuristic.

We decided to investigate Home personally and see what we could find, if anything. A few things did catch our eye, the biggest being a black spot on one of the walls in the Central Plaza. Approach the spot and you will get the option to teleport. Looks like we were right on the money. Unfortunately the ability to do so is restricted but we imagine more information will become available soon.

Another thing we noticed is a closed manhole covering with the Home logo on it located near the teleportation spot. Could this lead to a new upcoming game space? We’ll just have to wait and see.