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Assassin’s Creed 2 – new site and teaser

Submitted by on Monday, 6 April 20093 Comments

Vitruvian AssassinAfter months of speculation, endless hours of heated debate and innumerable arguments both for and against the concept of Assassin’s Creed leaving the setting of the Holy Land (not to mention the odd fiery flag discussion), the teaser of the sequel arrives and … we get nothing.

That’s not entirely true of course, as what we do get is a (mostly empty) new site along with some intriguing footage that lends some credence of Altair (or maybe the Son of Altair) moving out of the dust bowl of Jerusalem next time around.

The footage presented shows aged parchment blossoming to life with what resembles Leonardo da Vinci’s wondrous and prophetic 15th century etchings. This suggests that the next chapter will take place during a more refined period of human history but as to which period, we’re still a little in the dark. After all, da Vinci lived around the time of the mid 1400s while the previously suggested time period was 17th century France at the time of its turbulent revolution.

In between the numerous ANIMUS glitches we’re also treated to some scematics of tools and anatomy including a drawing of Altair’s primary weapon from the first game.

The unrevealing (though admittedly pleasant to watch) teaser ends with da Vinci’s instantly recognisable Virtuvian Man strapped in to what appears to be some sort of flight contraption; hinting perhaps at a mode of transport in the new game. There is also a hidden feature in the trailer as printing off the concluding logo and holding it up to a webcam reveals a 3D model of the above mentioned killing weapon. If you’re into that sort of thing.