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Assassin’s Creed II – New details, potentially spoilerific

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 April 20097 Comments

Assassin's Creed IIFlag hunters unite! Stepping out from the shadows, Assassin’s Creed II details have surfaced in the latest edition of GameInformer and, thanks to the guys over at C&VG, we can reproduce them for you here.

The list of new features and design changes suggest the team at Ubisoft Montreal (all 240 of them) have really listened to the oft-repeated gripes many players had with the original game and, thanks also to Neogaf, we have a transcription of some of the article’s main points.

As we already know, the sequel’s setting is 15th century Italy during what is arguably one of the most innovative periods in human history – the Renaissance. A cultural and scientific rebirth that led to mathematical and technological discoveries well into the 17th century, we owe a great deal to the men and women of the period for where we are technologically today.

The main character is now Ezio, yet another knife-happy ancestor of Desmond but, unlike Altair, Ezio has actually taken the time to learn how to swim (handy for an assassin) while also having a couple of aces up his dagger-filled sleeves. These advantages appear in the form of the Maestro himself, Leonardo da Vinci, who acts as a source of gadgets, advice and general Renaissance lore (think Q in a funny hat) and prominent Florentine allround schemer, Niccolo Machiavelli; he of the eponymous term “Machiavellian”. Machiavelli will provide “tactics” (i.e. kill everyone who gets in your way).

Here’s some more details in snappy point format.

Note: some might view the following details as minor spoilers. So, look away now if you want to be completely in the dark when going into the game.

– 1476, warring families, corrupted clergy, political intrigue, warring city-states.
– Assassination and executions are common in those days.
– Post plague era, modern science begins, etc., (basically, a resume of what the Renaissance era was like).
– Assassins and Templars continue their struggle.
– Venice and its waterways, Florence and its huge monuments.
– There is an illustration of San Gimignano’s towers, and it speaks of the Tuscany country side. Another illustration shows some boats in Venice’s canals.
– Saint Mark’s Basilica. The Grand Canal, The Little Canal, Rialto Bridge, are shown (screenshots compared to real-life shots)
– Patrice Désilets says Altair was only in the middle of the “timeline”, but now you live through the memories of a new ancestor to Desmond.
– Da Vinci is an ally to Ezio’s family. He is like Q in James Bond. Machiavelli teaches you “tactics”.
– “We know that he (Ezio) does end up alone and on a quest for vengeance”. Learns to become an Assassin.
– Ezio can dive into the water in Venice, hide underwater as long as he can hold his breath, etc.
– You can pull guards in the water to assassinate them.
– Taller buildings. You can use a new leap maneuver to climb faster.
– More varied “hiding places”
– Ezio’s infamy grows if makes too much commotion, making people more suspicious. If you become notorious, new missions appear (example: assassinate the witnesses, bribe people, get rid of wanted posters), so you can lower your notorious level if you want.
– Ezio can disarm enemies and use their weapons against them.
– Dozens of weapons with their own special moves (pike allows you to knock many enemies off their feet, dagger allows you to do an escape kill of some sort, etc.), can fight without weapons too and do things like throw dirt in an enemy’s eyes because sometimes you don’t have a weapon (except for the hidden blade and throwing knives), even heabutts! Désilets says that at the end you should become so good with the double hidde blades that you will use them over any weapons. A hammer is shown, a club too, and some blades and an axe.
– Game is made to address concerns people had with AC1, while staying true to its core. Biggest need was “more variety”. AC2 no longer uses the AC1 gameplay loop structure (bureau, info, assassination).
– Ezio can use boats to move through the canals (in an example of mission variety, Ezio goes to see an informant but they are attacked and you must defend her as you make your way to a boat, then use it to get her to safety). Sometimes those different mission types are mixed together in one mission (example; mission starts as a simple delivery, but ends up as a chase, and finally a kill).
– A picture is shown of different enemy types. One is really big and fully armored. Each enemy type have their own attitudes and weaknesses. Enemies evolve as the game progresses (first encounter in the game will feel different than later ones). Agile dagger wielders can freerun like Ezio (following him more easily). The big dudes are more deadly in close combat. Spear wielders will look for you moreso, like in hiding places. You can kill enemies from the hiding places (picture shows Ezio grabbing a nearby soldier with his hand on his mouth, emerging from a bay hale chariot).
– Templars and Assassins are “underground, behind the events, pulling strings”.
– Day and night cycle.
– Different kinds of objects to find but that actually give you something in return.