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Batman: Arkham Asylum’s Harley Quinn reminds us why we love bad girls

Submitted by on Friday, 17 April 20092 Comments

Harley QuinnSince debuting in Batman: The Animated Series, the deranged – yet perennially chirpy – sociopath known as Harley Quinn has become a firm fan favourite.

We’ve known she appears in the upcoming Arkham Asylum game for some time but, up until now, we haven’t actually seen her in action.

Thanks to Gametrailers, we can now check out an early look of the off kilter and manic antics of the plucky supervillainess and, hold us back, she appears to have ditched the clown-costume for more revealing attire.

Looking like a cross between Silent Hill’s twisted nurse and Belladonna from the infamously cancelled Thrill Kill game, we think Rocksteady have taken a bold step by distancing the character from the motley jester get-up and making Harley Quinn appear more sinister and, well, sexual. This is a game for adults after all. Actually, it’s rated 16+, but you get our meaning.

Also joining the bat-party is the ever-reticent and menacing Bane. Comic book trivia time: Bane once broke Batman’s back! You can also check out some video below of the villain hulking out and laying some smackdown on everyone’s favourite Dark Knight.