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Battlefield 1943 Producer answers some questions; all of them in fact

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 2009One Comment

Battlefield 1943One of our favourite features over at the official PlayStation blog is when they get a Producer to talk about an upcoming game and he or she sticks around and gives some instant feedback to the commenters.

Gordon Van Dyke, Producer of upcoming PSN multiplayer only title Battlefield 1943, has taken the proverbial biscuit however and now officially holds the record of most answered questions over at the PS blog.

If you want to know what’s planned for the new Battlefield online game, thanks to the magnanimous Gordon, we pretty much know everything about it. And then some.

Fought over the locations of Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and Guadalcanal, Battlefield 1943 hits in June with the frugal price of $14.99 (expect it to cost a similar price point in other countries). Built on a tweaked Battlefield Bad Company 1 engine, the game promises 12 v 12 frantic Pacific Theatre inspired multiplayer action. Though there’s no split-screen, you’ll be able to make parties and engage multiple Zeroes in the sky while raining terror on the islands’ inhabitants.

Though there is no immediate plans for DLC, Gordon claims that it’s something they’d be open to consider if the game proves wildly popular. The game weighs in at about 450MB, is presented in 720p and a demo will arrive before its release. For the trophy whores out there, Gordon states that they’ll be easier to pick up than in the other Battlefield games and that, considering the game’s size, he’s aiming to have a Platinum despite its PSN status.

The fact is, there are still comments coming in and he’s still answering them! Run over to the blog now and get your question in before he realises his insanity and stops revealing everything. Tell him PS3 Attitude sent you.