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Brütal Legend’s Official Rocktober Release Date Announced

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 April 2009One Comment

screen_brutal12_040809Mere mortals rejoice!  Let your hair grow, grab your black leather jacket, wear your best jeans, throw up the horns and be ready to answer the call of the Metal Gods this October Rocktober.  Brütal Legend is coming your way; even if you are not worthy.

The Tim Schafer designed, Double fined developed, Electronic Arts published medieval metal adventure (MMA?) is now dated in both North America and Europe.

Brütal Legend will rock your socks off October Rocktober 13th in North America and 16th October Rocktober in Europe.  Yes you read that right, Rocktober.  According to Double fine’s President Tim “Freakin” Schafer, EA pulled some strings and had the entire month of October renamed to celebrate the release of Brütal Legend.  Right on.

We did a bit of internal research and found out that we never showed you the official trailer.  Are you also amazed that we were not smitten by the almighty Metal Gods?  As an act of contrition, we humbly offer you the trailer above along with our sincere apologies to the Metal Gods.  We are not worthy*.

Are you ready to rock?  We sure are, Rocktober can’t get here fast enough.

*Hell yeah we are!