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Commandos Are So 1988; Enter The Bionic Fireman

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 April 20095 Comments

bionic_firemanBionic Commandos are not that impressive these days.  Sure, they had their shining moment in the 80’s.  They even staged a brief comeback in 2008 by rearming themselves and are planning a full 2009 revival by donning dreadlocks and finally daring to jump; but we see through the gimmicks.

Deep down they are all the same commandos we have seen before.

But not this guy. He is the Bionic Fireman.

So what would you prefer, bionic men forced to do another Bionic Commando game or bionic men exploring other vocations?  We would love to see a bionic male nurse.  Sponge baths anyone?

No kitties were harmed during the filming of this commercial.  43 dogs were killed to ensure its safety.