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Cops and Robbers coming to Paradise City April 30th

Submitted by on Friday, 17 April 20092 Comments

Burnout - Cops and RobbersLet’s face it, Paradise City is a pretty lawless town.

With super-powered bikes and cars either constantly smashing into one another or veering off course and destroying our beloved town, it’s a miracle that nobody has been seriously hurt by these inconsiderate street-racers.

From April 30th however, Paradise City citizens can breathe a sign of relief and be able to safely walk the streets again, the threat of some fool in a beat-up Carson GT tearing over the horizon and into their children a distant and unhappy memory.

According to the Criterion Games’ news section, the anarchy that has permeated every facet, every street, even every mountain trail in our glorious town, is thankfully about to be curtailed forever by the arrival of the law.

The latest edition in the “no longer free” Burnout pack series, it’s been some time since we last reported on the Cops and Robbers DLC. Rumoured as “the greatest freeburn game mode yet, perfectly complimenting current favourites Marked Man, Road Rage and Stunt Run” (their words, not ours), every car within the game (with the exception of the Carbon, Burning Route and Premium DLC offerings) will have a police counterpart. Expect the long hand of the law to crack down pretty hard on your high speed high-jinks and chase you on sight.

The new pack arrives at the end of April. Will you be paying to be chased by the fuzz? Let us know in the comments.