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DC Universe Online: Meet Doomsday, he wants to eat your face

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 2009No Comment

DoomsdayIf you’re up to date on your comic lore, you’ll know that the Doomsday character was created back in the ’90s with one blatant task in mind, to kill Superman – a feat he accomplished after a prodigious battle across Metropolis, and about ten comic pages with no dialogue.

Those old enough to remember this tragic event will also recall the uproar across the comic industry when the Man Of Steel succumbed to this lumbering invulnerable dolt. This however was nothing compared to the abject loss and despair felt across Metropolis and the world Superman died to protect.

Fans of the mute Superman-slayer may be wondering how he will appear in the upcoming DC Universe Online MMO. We’re happy to say that, unlike other media (we’re looking at you Smallville), Doomsday’s origin, powers and motives are pretty much identical to how he first appeared back in 1992.

Genetically engineered on pre-historic Krypton through a process is un-natural selection (the Doomsday child was killed over and over and cloned to weed out weaknesses), the super-villain has a pretty handy ability: whoever is lucky enough to defeat Doomsday once, can never do so again considering his body adapts to his adversaries’ powers.

Doomsday’s journey to Earth in the comic is one full of wondrous encounters with Green Lanterns, Guardians and the Justice League. It also has him falling through a rip in the fabric of space/time.  He appears in the new game with his back-story in tact with everything to suggest he should be viewed as the paragon of super-villainousness in the game; definitely up there on the same stage with the likes of Lex Luthor.

Covered in exoskeletal spurs, these chitin growths can cut through anything – including Superman – so expect the behemoth to lay waste to Metropolis at every opportunity and players tasked with reining him in.

We’ve heard how the creators of DC Universe Online will introduce larger story elements into the open world inhabited by you; the players. Hinted at in a recent missive from SOE, one such plot device could be Lex Luthor’s nefarious plans to capture Doomsday and combine his immense strength and power with the bald one’s superior criminal mind. Sounds good to us, and for those wondering just how Doomsday will appear in the game, check out some screens below. We had to laugh at those green pants.

DC Universe Online has yet to lock down a release date with recent rumblings suggesting an early 2010 release.