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Did you see Saw?

Submitted by on Friday, 3 April 20092 Comments

sawThe Saw movies are in the process of being turned into a game by the good folks over at Konami.

With some of the best horror movies in recent history to draw on, we are certainly eager to see what gameplay mechanics the people behind the excellent Silent Hill games can come up with. 

With the latest iteration of Silent Hill causing a stir with the fans and media alike, can we expect Konami to take a new direction with Saw?

For now, we have to make do with a selection of screenshots from the game. There’s three of them to wrap your eyes around, and they look remarkably close the atmosphere of the films.


"Welcome to Closed Airways, your in-death movie will be..."


Dentists can be so cruel.


Generic!?... I've never seen a generic corridor like that! Whitewash, maybe...

What are your thoughts? Are you itching to find out more about Saw, or are you terrified of all movie-to-game conversions?

Comments in the box, people!