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“Don’t let them win!” – New Terminator: Salvation trailer delivers

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 April 2009No Comment

It's what he does! It's ALL he does!Gametrailers have posted up a new Terminator: Salvation trailer which we urge everyone with even a mild interest in “evil AI machines trying to wipe out the remnants of mankind” to check out.

All of the elements from the upcoming movie are present: T800s, those “bikeinator” things, John Connor looking like Christian Bale but not sounding like him (the budget probably didn’t stretch to get the irascible Welshman on voice duties) but with some welcomed extras.

It’s the small things depicted; subtle nuances that could elevate this title above the usual high adrenaline explode-a-thon of other games that have taken us a little by surprise however.

As you’ll see from the feed below, the game takes place post-nuclear holocaust but before the desolated world we see in Cameron’s second film. Therefore, expect to see abandoned cities still lush with vegetation, bright and vibrant colours not usually associated with the Future War and some ballsy all-out manoeuvres as Connor and Co. take the fight to the machines; not yet resigning to more guerrilla styled tactics we know they resort to as the conflict progresses.

The trailer is also peppered with great character moments that suggest GRIN may have nailed just what it’s like for civilians-cum-soldiers to be trapped in what is essentially a hopeless struggle against certain annihilation. Expect rousing speeches from the enigmatic Connor, touching moments of empathy and, hang on, did we see a hug in there?