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PS3 Attitude’s Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.

Submitted by on Tuesday, 28 April 200912 Comments

e3 logo PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.In just a few short weeks, we are going to have one of the biggest E3′s in quite some time. Sony are limbering up for a showdown of epic proportions, and doubtless the competition are taking a similar stance.

E3 carries a history of revealing key announcements:

  • It was at the E3 in 2008 that God Of War 3 was announced.
  • The PS3 was announced just before 2005′s E3, alongside that Killzone 2 trailer.
  • The PSP was also announced at the E3 in 2003.
  • In a number of big press events, Sony have used E3 to announce the biggest games and features – think Home and LBP.

In the name of providing you, our readers, with an insight into the strange workings of the team here at the Towers, we had a brainstorming session regarding this year’s E3.

So what can we expect from the Sony bigwigs when E3 finally arrives?

Here we have laid our thought bare for your dissection, helpfully graded on a scale of  ‘pretty much guaranteed’ right down to ‘snowball’s chance in a room full of rocking chairs’.

The grading you will see is cleverly indicated by our shiny new ‘Likely-O-Meter’ which we came up with all on our own, and will show you how likely something is between one star and five stars.

That’s everything that needs saying, really. Let’s get started!

1. New games.

meter5 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


Ok, so this is a given. It is guaranteed that Sony will take every opportunity it can to showcase the latest and greatest the black behemoth has to offer. The following titles are sure to be present and correct at E3 this May:

  • God of War 3: With the hype for this game already way past fever pitch, Sony would be insane to allow one of its biggest franchises to go into hiding at such a crucial event.
  • GT5 :Hopefully we will get some hard facts about the next GT game in the series. Who knows, maybe even a new video of the game? With development of these games well-known to take aeons to progress due to the sheer polygon count, this may not happen.
  • Mysterious Team Ico Project: What better place to reveal the next game from near-as-dammit worshipped Team Ico? With that unlikely image teasing us from the corner for the past few months, we feel we are pretty much owed some info on this most recluse of games.
  • Heavy Rain: Radio silence on this new IP for a while suggests (to some of us) that this could mean Sony are gearing up to blow heads clean off with someone playing the game in real-time on-stage at some point during the conference. Some solid details on this elusive title are really needed to cement the enthusiasm we have been cautiously doling out since it was announced.
  • Lots more new titles, both PSN and full-fat games are usually unveiled at these sorts of events first, and this is arguably the biggest of the year for consumers. Expect the likes of Fat Princess and PixelJunk 1-4 to make an appearance.

god of war 3 cover PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.

Ok, so the cover might be a bit more inspired than this...

2. PS3 Price Announcement.

meter4 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


This has caused something of a division within the team, with some holding firm that the PS3 is a brilliant piece of kit and worth every penny. Others, myself included, feel that in these cash-strapped times Sony have little option other than to cut the price by at least a token amount.

Failing that, Sony may well do the usual and pump out more bundles. It’s not that we mind new bundles as such, but it would be nice to have the boon to the user base that a price cut would provide. We reckon that there are still a lot of people teetering up on that big ol’ home console fence just waiting for the right price to tempt them down into the PS3 camp.

3. More Home features incoming.

meter3 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


Video chat? Faster loading? The return of public speech? Who knows. All we know is that Sony are still keen on getting everyone excited about Home and what it can do. After all, we’re still missing ‘promised’ features like mobile phone uploads, the 3D trophy room and the PC-based social networking platform.

It’s no secret that this particular member of the PS3A team is yet to be won over by Home, but even I have to admit that some of the recent improvements have raised my cynical eyebrow. Just a bit, mind, but raised nonetheless.

street fighter home PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.

Shame you can't break into a real street fight here...

4. News on the EU Video Store.

meter2 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


We were pretty much unanimous in that there ought to be some mention of the EU PSN Video Store. Quite what that will entail is unknown, but we would love for the store to make its debut at E3 and then be rolled out within weeks or even days thereafter, in the same way as Sony did with the announcement of the US Video Store.

5. New colours for the PS3.

meter3 100x34 custom PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


A popular idea among the Staff Writers, new colours could provide another feather in the cap to be adorned by the fence-sitters mentioned above. Silver is the most likely candidate, but we would be far from surprised to see limited edition versions of the PS3 in a range of colours such as red, green, blue, pink and white.

Perhaps even special ‘design’ models featuring some kind of graphic on them? However, we’re not holding our breath for the big unveiling of the ‘PS3 Attitude’ branded PS3 – to hit shelves at $60/€60 /£50 – just yet. To go with all the other PS3A merchandise you really ought to have by now.

6. PlayStation Eye makes an appearance.

meter1 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


We see a glimmer of hope for the Eye to be returned to its rightful place under the TV, with a great new feature or game utilising the impressive functions of the add-on demonstrated. Then we never hear from it again. Remember EyePet?

eyepet PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.

The fangs alone would put me off tickling this thing!

7. 3D wows the crowds.

meter1 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


We’ve mentioned the whole 3D thing before. It’s not new by any means. But wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the auditorium was handed a pair of innocuous looking specs as they filtered in for the Sony press conference? That would certainly jazz things up a bit.

Imagine a KZ3 target render being shown in 1080p and proper 3D?

8. Some sort of new accessory.

meter4 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


The motion controller. The rumble vest. The VR hat.

All sorts of suggestions have been made about the future of gaming and how the PS3 will adapt to said changes. E3 2009 could be just the platform Sony were waiting for to announce a fancy new peripheral.

9. A new PSP model.

meter4 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.


Perhaps the PSP2? With all the talk focussed on the software, Sony could be throwing us off the scent of new hardware. After all, it has been about five years since the PSP first hit the shelves at retail. Heck, it was first announced back at the 2003 E3.

Ten year cycles are good in that they can be used for prediction. So here’s our idea: Announce PSP2 at E3 09. Release it in 2010 and have a few years of crossover before shifting full focus onto the new gear. The PSP has not had an easy time of things, it’s fair to say.

Admittedly this is PS3 Attitude and not PSP Attitude, but an announcement like that would surely rock E3? Talk of an entirely new PSP has been circulating for ages now and, as the old saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire. Maybe.

psp2 concept2 PS3 Attitudes Epic E3 Predictions; Predictably Epic.

Swanky. Hopefully not with a silent 's'...

That’s it for the big predictions, but that is far from everything we could think of. Some of our other more… peculiar thoughts included:

  • PS Cloud announcement.
  • GOW3 playable.
  • MAG nowhere to be seen.
  • Home is used for conferences, live shows, etc. during E3 itself.
  • Firmware news, such as video chat across games.
  • Game and application updates.
  • Twitter heads to the PS3.
  • The PS3 Attitude correspondent gets on the wrong flight and winds up somewhere in Kentucky.
  • Lara Croft cos-players go missing in an epic way. Sorry, EPIC way.

What do you think E3 will bring? Will we be seriously disappointed or blown away? Comments in the box, and dont forget to tweet at us! We love birdsong, we do!