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EXCLUSIVE! Are you ready for Inferno Pool?

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 20094 Comments

Inferno PoolWhen a cannot-be-named-at-this-time developer contacted us wondering if we’d be interested in breaking the news of their new title, we thought about it for all of two nanoseconds and then promptly cleared our schedule.

We’ve been hinting at it over on Twitter for nearly a week but, thankfully, we can now finally reveal what all the secrecy has been about.

Best described as competitive multiplayer “attack pool” mixed with the “hot-streak” combo goodness of Burnout, Inferno Pool is a new PSN (and XBL) title that has been in shadow development for some time. Scheduled to debut next month on the respective platforms, we’re happy to finally spill as many of the beans about the title as we can.

The game is from a new digital development company set up with the intention of creating innovative games while focusing on the burgeoning digital distribution market. Expect a myriad of new and exciting games from this player on the PSN over the upcoming months with Inferno Pool the first of many future titles in development.

Though there is speculation that Inferno Pool is from Blade Interactive (who worked on the iPhone game of the same name) we can categorically state that, though the two IPs are linked, Blade Interactive are not the developers of this game.

We’ll have an indepth interview with the nascent and secretive studio next week where we explore what kind of modes and gameplay can be expected from the new title but, in an effort to whet your appetite now: imagine a pool game where balls are continuously added to your table. Armed with a plethora of trick shots and outlandish combos to combat this torrent of spots and stripes, now imagine these balls arriving at your table from a competing opponent who also possesses the ability to store them up and unload them on you in one devastating swoop. We don’t know about you, but we haven’t played a good pool game on a console since the days of Pool Shark and the above sounds like a recipe for a great party game in our books.

Check out some exclusive screens of Inferno Pool below. Next week you’ll also find video footage of the game in action along side the aforementioned interview.