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Explodemon! to detonate on the PSN Q4 2009

Submitted by on Friday, 3 April 2009No Comment

The Demolished Man - or ... RobotLooking like a cross between mini-Iron Man and a Japanese Power Ranger, Explodemon! is a new IP from makers of the Buzz! franchise, Curve Studios.

The best way to describe the game would be as an homage to seminal 80s classics such as MegaMan, Mario and Super Metroid but with a new-age twist.

The fact that the game employs the use of a solid physics system, and the titular character can in fact explode at will, there’s just enough here to make us sit up and take note of this retro hat tipping platformer.

Ironically, Explodemon! has been in shadow development for some time as the pet project of Game Designer Jonathan Biddle. Interested in seeing if he could make a game of his own, the Curve Design Director embarked on a personal mission to forge a 2.5D platformer with all the elements that he liked in games. Therefore, expect to see Explodemon fight bad-guys, catapult himself through the air and pretty much detonate everything in his path while also stopping to take the time and solve some brain teasing puzzles.

Jonathan explains:

“I’d been a games designer for many years, but had always wanted the ability to prototype ideas myself. I decided to learn Game Maker and started making a platform game about an exploding man. After working silently away for a few months in my spare time, I let a few people at Curve play Explodemon! and it became obvious that I’d managed to create something very fun.”

Due to this prototype approach, players will actually be getting their hands on what amounts to an updated version of the original iteration this winter on the PSN. Jason Perkins, MD of Curve Studios, equates the final product as more Explodemon II rather than how the game first appeared in its early stages. The Managing Director states:

“The gameplay has been honed through iterative playtesting so many times, that we are effectively now releasing Explodemon II. We’re excited to now be able to marry this solid gameplay with cutting edge 3D visuals and effects and release it via digital distribution for others to enjoy.”

If you’re interested in seeing how Explodemon looks in action, head over to the Curve website for an explosive trailer. Fans of MegaMan should definitely pay a visit as Explodemon could be described as the natural successor to the little blue bomber.  Bizarrely, Biddle seems to think that the game also has a lot more in common with an eclectic array of other games; some of which seem a little peculiar when quoted in connection to a 2.5D platformer.

He continues,

“Explodemon! is best described as what Treasure would create if they mixed Yoshi’s Island with Half Life 2. It includes many elements from games as diverse as Street Fighter II, Halo, Super Metroid and Bangai-O.”

Street Fighter II, Yoshi’s Island and Half Life 2 – all in the same sentence. If this was two days ago, we probably wouldn’t have even run this story.