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First glimpse of PixelJunk 1-4; Dylan wants to sell a million!

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 April 2009No Comment

Junk!We know a few basic facts about what’s up next in the PixelJunk series from Kyoto based Q-Games.

Firstly, we know they’re definitely working on more than one title and, though we know that a PixelJunk Dungeons exists, we’ve been assured that this is not the next in the series, or “1-4” in PixelJunk parlance.

Secondly, we’re promised that 1-4 will hit this year, probably around the fall.

Verifying these facts, Q-Games visionary extraordinaire Dylan Cuthbert has now created a Facebook page with the intention of driving up some early buzz for the next Junk title. Not that he needed to whip us into a frenzy of course – we’ve been rocking back and forth silently for months now waiting to get our hands on some more Junk.

The Facebook page is presented as an event of such magnitude that Dylan himself refers to it as a “Party – Night of Mayhem” so it’s a safe bet to assume that the launch of the game will at least have some sort of social face thanks to the popular networking site. Dylan also stresses that the event dates proffered (August 31st to November 1st) are merely quoted as placeholders (something Facebook insists on when creating any event page) and these dates will change. However, we’re thinking it’s a nice period to launch a new game.

Finally, Dylan cheekily suggests we all take part in a record breaking PSN download attempt by stating:

Let’s break all PSN records and persuade one million people to buy and play PixelJunk 1-4! Your assistance is required! Spread the word everyone!

Of course this event is hardly likely to succeed, but hey it’s like one of those “how many programmers can you fit in a Mini” challenges!

He might be playing down the game’s changes but, if 1-4 is as good as Racers, Monsters and Eden, we actually think PixelJunk 1-4 could leave the one million barrier far behind.