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Free Realms’ beta ends; now free to the world

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 April 20094 Comments

Free RealmsConsidering the NDA was as dense and twisty as a new Dan Brown novel, we’re still not sure what we’re even allowed say about what went on in the Free Realms beta.

Was that an admission of “beta participation” on our behalf? We’ll leave you to mull it over yourself as we continue to dance around the subject and admit nothing.

The fact is, even if we were in the beta, the terms are quite clear that what happened in Free Realms beta, stays in Free Realms beta. Of course, it’s all moot now as the game has officially climbed from its sticky protective cocoon and, like a beautiful butterfly; transformed into a delicate creature of hope and wonder, it’s now live for everyone to go in, create a character and start those cooking challenges.

For the uninitiated, Free Realms is Sony’s free-to-play (ish) MMO aimed squarely at the younger gamers amongst us. The world is very kitschy with an assault of bold colours, fantastical elements and annoying talking squirrels. It’s also a lot of fun – we hear, we’re not saying we were in the beta – from the abundance of mini-games, card collecting, social interacting, character building and all the other things that come with an MMO targeted at tweens. Adults shouldn’t feel too disheartened however, as the game has a lot to offer those of us who know how to talk to girls/guys without breaking out in a rash.

View it as a nostalgic trip down gaming memory lane to a time when you were young and didn’t care about headshots or quad damage and just wanted the other kids to like you – or at least stop punching you in the face.

If you want to get a good idea of what Free Realms is all about then we highly recommend the following launch trailer. Just make sure you’re not wearing your cynical hat as what’s on display is extremely “in-your-face” happy.

By the way, does anyone else get an odd “Daxter” feel off this squirrel guy?