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Games Database – Redux Part One

Submitted by on Sunday, 5 April 200913 Comments

PlayStation 3You’ll have to forgive us. After spending over fifty hours creating our comprehensive Games Database (212 games documented!), we were somewhat burned out and a little hesitant to return to the scene of the crime anytime soon.

That said, we’ve definitely neglected our new baby and, since the database’s debut, 22 buckets of new games for the PS3 were announced (or, you know, we’re pretty sure they’re coming).

Rather than just surreptitiously update the Database in the background, we thought you might be interested in the new games that are now tagged and sitting pretty on our virtual shelf.

We’re also going to take this opportunity to completely overhaul the Database in terms of updated release dates, any pertinent corrections or extra information that is relevant, and even a “What Could Have Been” section at the end for all those titles that didn’t make it. But, baby steps first.

We’ll be presenting The Redux in two parts in the interest of public health. Throwing 40 games at you for your consideration could send any normal human mind into total overdrive.

The 7th Seal - MysteriousThe 7th Seal

Publisher: TBA
Developer: VectorCell
Out: 2009
Source: Announced at GDC 2009

Very little is known about The 7th Seal other than the news that it will use Sony’s updated (2.4) PhyreEngine. In fact, the only reason we know it exists is because Sony mentioned it, accidently on purpose no doubt, when harking on about the new tech the enhanced engine brings to the party.

Come here so I may smite thee!Strength of the Sword

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Ivent Studios
Out: 2009
Source: Announced at GDC 2009

Strength of the Swords was another PhyreEngine candidate announced at GDC from Ivent Studios, a new company trying something a little different. “Rojito” from Ivent posted over on the offiical PS boards about the game stating the following: “The player will take control over Strahil, the former leader of the “Upper Kingdom” and the victim of a mean plot that led to his imprisonment in a dark cave.As Strahil the player will have to advance trough four different locations set on the “Island of Dreams” and seek vengeance from the evil figures behind the plot that led to his imprisonment. Throughout his way he’ll have to deal with some mean enemies that prefer rather to die than surrender.” Sounds, well, mean.

R.U.S.ETom Clancy’s R.U.S.E

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Eugen Systems
Out: TBC
Source: Official site

Emerging during the media fervour that was GDC, Ubisoft’s early footage of R.U.S.E originally raised some questions about how the player will interact with the game. Checking out the official site however, we’re pretty sure you won’t need Surface technology to jump on board and command your legion of miltary might. The site also offers up the following: “Developed by Eugen Systems, R.U.S.E is set to refresh the strategy genre, introducing deception techniques that will let you bluff your enemy to lead your nation’s army to victory. Camouflage your troops, lure your opponent with decoy units, sabotage his logistics: strategy has never been so intuitive and deep. R.U.S.E features cutting edge graphics and effects, the incredible IRISZOOM Engine, immersive combat and a simplified interface that allows you to determine your nation’s strategy and fight to defeat your enemies.”


Publisher: TBA
Developer: Boolat Games
Out: 2009
Source: Announced at GDC 2009 / Official Site

Topatoi is described as a “platforming puzzler” and, after checking the official site, we’re now really looking forward to it. The story might sound familiar but it’s the gameplay that has us intrigued. “Raph, the brave explorer, and his companions encounter an emergency landing in the most mysterious corner of the planet. Now Raph has to look for the spare parts to fix his skyship. And save his girlfriend as well!” Raph is in luck as he faces this arduous task with a Gyroscopic Exploration Multidimensional Multiterrain Apparatus at his disposal. This is where the fun starts with GEMMA operating in a similar fashion to a spinning top. We’re envisioning hours of deftly spinning the device around an environment as we attempt to solve the puzzles at hand. Or getting extremely frustrated and throwing the controller at the wall before going back to play Killzone 2 instead.

The 7th Seal - MysteriousUntitled Dylan Jobe game

Publisher: SCE
Developer: LightBox Interactive
Out: 2009
Source: Twitter

Everyone and his cat knows that Dylan Job recently departed Incognito and set up his own studio entitled LightBox Interactive. What he’s taken with him is a reputation of creating kick-ass games (and some of the creative minds who worked on Warhawk) and a secret title we’re all clamouring to find out more about. If you’re following Dylan on Twitter you’ll notice that the poor guy is getting zero amount of sleep and is hard at work forging his new company, creating a new game and trying to stay his cheerful and amenable self. He’s pulling it off too – mostly. As for the new game, we’ve prodded and teased but the man just won’t give up any information. What little detail that has come out about the the game suggests it will be enjoyed by Warhawk lovers but also something fans of other genres would enjoy. We’ve also heard rumours that it’s  “Warhawk in SPAAAACEEE!” But, as you know, we don’t talk about rumours around these parts.

Big Ant Untitled Big Ant Studios Game

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Big Ant Studios
Out: TBA
Source: Announced at GDC / Offical Site

Australia based Big Ant Studios have worked on some interesting properties over the years. From “Hellboy: The Science of Evil” on the PSP to the Spyro adventure “The Eternal Night” on the PS2, the studio are now hard at work on a new PS3 title that incorporates the newly tweaked PhyreEngine. We’ve got a call in with Big Ant to see if they care to spill the beans on what this new PS3 actually is. Stay tuned.

Smash CarsSmash Cars

Publisher: TikGames
Developer: Creat Studios
Out: Q2 2009
Source: Press Release

Already a success of the PS2, Smash Cars will be coming to the PSN this summer. Set on a Mediterranean island, the player gets to race nitro-fuelled radio-controlled cars as they twist and turn across a stunt filled landscape. The release promises: “Real-time physics, innovative stunts and next-generation graphics combine into a dynamic, tricked-out single and multiplayer RC car racing experience.” This one has “insane party fun” written all over it.


Out: 2009
Source: IGN / Eurogamer

Japanese for “garbage can” (or ごみ箱, now you know), Gomibako is basically Tetris but with trash. And madness. Eurogamer also recently reviewed the game saying “Gomibako is a great blast, but doesn’t having the staying power of a true giant like Tetris or, more relevantly, Lumines.” That’s more than good enough for us so we’ll be picking up Gomibako and reviewing the game shortly.

Star Trek D.A.C.Star Trek D.A.C.

Publisher: Paramount Digital Entertainment
Developer: Naked Sky
Out: 2009
Source: Eurogamer

Not to be confused with its online bigger brother that may be coming in consoles, Star Trek D.A.C. is a new, smaller Trekkie title announced to coincide with the release of the new J.J. Abrams film. Don’t expect a deep and meaningful insight into the Prime Directive here as this one is 100% top-down 3D, high-action, Federation Vs. Everyone Else space warfare. This could be bundles of fun with the usual gamut of features like resource collecting (we’re thinking asteroid mining), ship upgrades, online multi-player and new modes and content promised through DLC in the future. Finally, just like the guys over at Eurogamer, we have no idea what D.A.C. stands for. We could be mean spirited and, considering the franchise’s demise over the last decade or so, suggest Does Anyone Care?

Split SecondSplit/Second

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Black Rock Studio
Out: 2009
Source: Press Release

Developers of the off-road quad-bike spectacle Pure, Black Rock Studio will return to the racing genre this year with Split/Second. Comparisons with Burnout have already surfaced but Black Rock Studios promise something different with their “Made-for-(and-to-be-destroyed-on)-TV” city. Players, faced with not only battling other drivers for race victory, will also have to contend with a fully destructible environment that wily opponents are rapidly trying to bring around their ears. Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios, claims: “Split/Second elevates action racing to a new level by enabling players to strategically take out their opponents by dynamically altering the course in real time.” That sounds like gaming nirvana to us.


Publisher: TBA
Developer: Spiders Games
Out: TBC
Source: GameZine / Official site

Get your ass to Mars. A new sci-fi epic from Spiders Games, Mars contains the usual sci-fi themes: harsh environment, a struggle between rival factions, strange mutative creators hell-bent on your demise – it’s all here. With the red planet somehow shifting its orbital ellipse, sunlight is now deadly to its inhabitants and used as a powerful weapon. Check out the article over at GameZine for more details.

Vancouver 2010 Winter GamesVancouver 2010 – The Official Game of the Winter Olympic Games

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Eurocom
Out: Q4 2009
Source: Press Release

Games based on, well, games are always a tricky one to pin down. We sometimes struggle to believe there are people who are interested in videogames and also the virtues of such Olympic sports as curling or luge. They obviously exist and, if you’re a member of this secret sect, get ready for Sega’s upcoming digital version of the Vancouver Winter Games of 2010. The press release promises a thrill a minute but the salient factors to us from this official missive are the lauded first person mode game-play (FPS long distance skiing FTW!) and a multi-player “challenge mode” which sounds very competitive indeed. We have to admit that we are strangely attracted to the idea of bobsleighing in HD.

Atelier RoronaAtelier Rorona

Publisher: Gust Corporation
Developer: Gust Corporation
Out: TBC

Exclusive RPG? PS3? It’s ironic these days but you don’t often see those words in the same sentence. Gust promises to buck that trend however with its new PS3-only title Atelier Rorona. The first next-gen entry in the popular Atelier series, Roronoa will continue the previous games’ focus on crafting and synthesising. With Gust taking these tentative steps on to the PS3 platform, does this suggest that the company’s other popular franchises, Mana-Khemia and Ar Tonelico, are also on their way?

Dead Space 2Dead Space 2

Publisher: EA
Developer: EA Redwood Shores Studios
Out: TBC
Source: Talk PlayStation

No surprises here really. Dead Space was critically and commercially well received (a 89% score on metacritic and 1.3 million sales on consoles alone) so it would be more of a shock if the game didn’t get a follow-up. Redwood Shores Studios are busy with new IP Dante’s Inferno but that’s not to say a studio can’t work on two properties at the same time. Expect more atmospheric deep space terror soon.

MysteriousMystery of Shark Island

Publisher: PlayFirst / Hudson Entertainment
Developer: Big Fish Games
Out: TBC
Source: PlayStatic

Casual puzzle time with Big Fish’s “Mystery of Shark Island”. PlayStatic led with the story that a number of PC titles are console bound with the premise behind MoSI simple enough. From the official web-site: “You are stranded on a deserted island and must figure out how you got there and how to get off. Find Hidden Objects strewn across the beaches of Shark Island and unlock the mystery of a lost civilization. Roam gorgeous beaches, collect objects, and solve puzzles that help you discover buried secrets and show you the way off of Shark Island.”


Publisher: PlayFirst
Developer: TBA
Out: TBC
Source: PlayStatic / Gamershell

Another casual PC game, this one sounds like someone broke into Brodiesan’s mind and created his ideal game. “Have a way with words? Savvy with spelling? Use these skills in SandScript to decipher mystery words, one letter at time and help our hapless genie restore his magical powers. Score bonus points for making correct guesses consecutively and quickly. Collect treasures and awards along the way as you journey from the Lonely Pyramids to the Ivory Palace and see how far your smarts will take you!” Brodiesan does like his long words.


Publisher: PlayFirst / Hudson Entertainment
Developer: Red Rocket Games
Out: TBC
Source: PlayStatic

Another PlayFirst offering, Zenerchi is “a meditative mind game which alternates between calm, flowing levels and delightfully complex puzzles. Find your zen as you match the vibrantly colored rings, filling your color containers with energy and eventually encountering your inner chi.” Whatever it is, we’re not playing it after a few drinks. Spinning colours plus copious amounts of beer usually equate to a trip to the ER – or at least a mammoth clean up.


Publisher: PlayFirst / Hudson Entertainment
Developer: Mind Control
Out: TBC
Source: PlayStatic

35 levels of classic strategy and addictive game-play, PlayFirst’s official site contains the following blurb about Mind Control’s “Oasis”: “Discover Ancient Egypt from the comfort of your chair – take five minutes and travel back in time 5,000 years! With every click of the mouse, your empire grows stronger. Spend your turns wisely to conquer the barbarians and reunite your kingdom. Will your empire stand the test of time?”

Lost Planet 2Lost Planet 2

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Out: TBC
Source: Xbox Live(!)

Ok, here we go. With the sequel announced (quite spectacularly) via a video posted on Xbox Live, Lost Planet’s relationship with the PS3 is somewhat frosty considering the delay Sony fans experienced compared to their 360 counterparts. Also, despite the extra playable characters and bundled DLC, the port was universally seen as inferior to its 360 cousin (framerate was poor, slowdown evident and, graphically, the game looked like it was run through a blur filter). So, should we even care if a sequel to a well received though hardly monumental game even comes to the PS3? Of course we should. The new trailer looks scrumptious and it’s intriguing to see the gelid environs of the first game are now joined with locations containing lush vegetation and sweltering jungle. We still think Lost Planet 2 is coming to the PS3 though maybe as a latecomer like its precursor. We’ll therefore keep an eye on it in our Games Database.

Dead To Rights 2Dead To Rights: Retribution

Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Volatile Games
Source: IGN

Bringing a new meaning to the term “One man and his dog”, Jack and Shadow return for another adventure in the corrupt cess pit they call their home, the dark and dangerous Grant City. The first game has a loyal following with fans enjoying its bullet dodging and gritty action. If you’re looking for some more details about Dead to Rights’ return, check out the article we ran back in Ferbruary.

logoWheel of Fortune

Publisher: SCE
Developer: SCE
Out: Now
Source: IGN

Though the term “casual interest game” evokes feelings in us similar to that of, oh let’s say, “Missing life-jacket as our plane plummets into a cold, dark Indian Ocean”, SCE assure that people are going to (casually no doubt) enjoy the popular quiz show Wheel of Fortune in its electronic format. This is a no-brainer really as publishers, witnessing the continued success of such quiz games as Buzz!, latch on to the genre and convert every quiz show known to man into family oriented downloadable games. We’re holding out for Countdown.

Comet CrashComet Crash

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Pelfast
Out: April 2nd, 2009
Source: Official site

Comet Crash is now officially out on the PSN for your scrutiny. Before you decide to pony up your $9.99, perhaps some explanation of what it’s all about will help. The official site explains it best: “Comet Crash takes real-time strategy to a new level by blending classical tower defense gameplay with offensive counterattacks and dynamic AI. Choose among a variety of weapons to defend your territory. Use specialized units to fight off attacks. Build up massive armies and rush your enemies.” A PvP PixelJunk Monsters? Sounds good to us.

The 7th Seal - MysteriousCelfactor Ignition

Publisher: TBA
Developer: TBA
Out: 2009
Source: Kotaku

It’s rare that all we know about a certain title is that it, apparently, exists. We’re not sure if this bares any connection to Psychokinetic Wars and, in fact, it maybe the same game. We’re not sure but, either way, apparently it’s coming.

Worms HDWorms HD

Publisher: SCE
Developer: Team17
Out: March 2009
Source: German USK rating board

With a long pedigree across multiple platforms, the Worms games can completely brainwash those unfortunate to fall under their nefarious spell. You start with a quick game and then, all of a sudden, it’s dark, pangs of hunger are racking your body and you’re pretty sure your wife left with the kids (and all your money) days ago. And you couldn’t care less as blowing stuff up with those plucky nematoda is now all that counts. The series has had a few cagey outings in recent years but Worms HD is pretty much a revamped version of the old school game so we’re sure it’s going to deliver in the fun department.

Transformers 2Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Out: Q2 2009
Source: IGN

Not content with detonating pretty much everything he could get his hands on in the first movie, Michael Bay returns this summer to explode anything he missed the first time around. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Shia somehow joins this “to be eviscerated” list. We’re kidding – kinda. Giant talking robots, a plucky smart-alec kid, hot love interest; you’d be forgiven to think this sounds more like a Japanese anime game. Speaking of games, the obligatory tie-in is in the works on every platform known to both man and machine with the PS3 not missing out on the robot party. Transformers games are usually a melange of missed opportunities and a degree of childhood nostalgia that permits many to overlook some glaring game design flaws. Here’s hoping Activision’s game sequel is in tune with the film and is both bigger and better than the first.