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Ghostbusters Rule 3: Split Up; Rule 3.1: Blow S#!% Up

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 April 20094 Comments

ghostbuster_jpeg_v4_flatBreak out the Ecto-1 (or was it the Manhattan Spirit?) and get ready to…split up?  Yup, according to this latest Ghostbusters “rules” video this is the best way to do more damage.  The jury is still out on what gets damaged more, public property or unruly ghosts.  We think it’s both.

Ready to bust them ghosts?  We can’t wait to cross our streams and see what happens.  The Attitude Towers hasn’t seen real mayhem since the last time someone got drunk (or pissed) and we all ended buttering up the floors.  We can’t quite remember exactly why we did that though.  But we absolutely thought it was funny at the moment…until we woke up the next morning and found Brodie covered in ants.  Then it was hilarious.

Not nearly enough animals were harmed in the making of this post.