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Good News Everyone! Capcom Store Now Ships Internationally

Submitted by on Saturday, 18 April 2009No Comment

planet_express_capcomCapcom has reached a landmark deal with the Planet Express delivery company.  This deal will enable the North American based online Capcom Store ( to ship outside North America.  Interplanetary shipping is still being negotiated.

You want that Flock! playset sent to Scotland?  Done.  You need that Progenitor Virus Detection + Suppression kit overnighted to Africa?  They can do it.  Do you just have to have the Comic-Con ’08 exclusive Street Fighter IV Chun-Li figure only available at the Capcom Store shipped to China?  You’re in luck.  Everything but games can be yours no matter where you live.  Even cats apparently.

International shipping has always been rather expensive (dark matter doesn’t come out of an animal’s behind.  Or does it?) but Capcom has pledged not to make a cent on shipping fees.  What they pay is what you pay.

Now your geographic location will no longer be an excuse for not having the complete Capcom collection you always wanted.  Your monetary situation will still be a factor though.  Economics aside this should come handy to our European readers that have been secretly cursing their North American counterparts for being able to buy cool swag from the Capcom Store.

Have you had your eye on something from the Capcom Store that you could not get before?  Let us know in the comments, we may be able to put in a good word for you.