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Guerillas in the midst (of battle)

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 April 20096 Comments

rfg-logo-jpgThere is a new Red Faction: Guerilla trailer available to get you ready for the game’s release in June.

It features the main protagonist, Alec Mason, running around doing what comes most naturally in any shooter – blowing stuff up and crashing about, generally making a mess.

But does it actually look any good?

The trailer has Alec using the new Sledgehammer weapon and driving a big truck about. We are a bit concerned with the look of the game in this trailer, as it looks as though there isn’t enough of a ‘crunch’ when you do hit something.

It is almost as though everything is made of building blocks, and the slightest nudge will cause everything to collapse. Not only that, but the vehicle that appears in the video is apparently indestructible. Sorry – indes-truck-tible!

Will Red Faction: Guerilla be a great addition to mounting number of FPS games available on the black behemoth, or will the game just crumble under the harsh light of day?

We’ll find out in just a few short months.