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Home Business Manager speaks out

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 April 20093 Comments

playstation-home-balconyDan, the European Home Business Manager, has spoken out about the criticism from gamers in the region about the variation that Europe receives when compared to North America.

Users have also criticised the service in general as a waste of time and resources. So what did he have to say?

Firstly he took some time to note the feedback and anger he had received from some of the community:

I can understand some of your frustrations, and can assure you that myself and my team – not to mention the development studios who build Home, and my colleagues from other regions – are absolutely committed to the success of the platform. This evidently is not reflected in the current assessment of Home by the minority of you…

He continued by explaining what Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is doing to resolve the issues about delays in content:

To a degree, at present, Home mirrors the way our existing business is set up, but it’s a hugely complex platform, and we’re refining the way it operates.  At the moment, yes, some regions have received content and spaces before SCEE, and I realize how frustrating this must be for you. However, we are working to improve our processes at a global level, and to increase the efficiency of our localisation and QA systems. In the near future, you will see a marked difference in how Home is populated with new content, games, and activities, and where possible we will be aiming for simultaneous releases of new spaces, items, mini-games etc.

It good to hear direct from Sony’s mouth that they are working on improving the differences by a huge amount, and they aim for many content to arrive day-on-day with other regions.

He re-instates their commitment to keeping their ears open to feedback from the community, and promises that we will be impressed by how much PlayStation Home will change in the future:

We’re all in this together, and we all take it very seriously but we’re making improvements and refinements all the time. The needs of our customers are always paramount, and in a community-based service like Home, it can only benefit us to pull together with the community, not work against each other. My feeling – and it’s a feeling that I’m confident you’ll share once you see some of the changes I mention coming into effect – is that we are at an exciting turning point, and we’re in a position now where we can take all our learnings and channel them into delivering more of what you want, in a more timely and efficient fashion.

Well we at PS3 Attitude are confident that Sony has big plans for the online service, and obviously we are looking forward to seeing exactly what their plans are, and how big of an impact it will have on the PlayStation brand. If you want to read his post in full, you can do so by clicking here.