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The Homerun – 9th April 09; Two new stores, no patch and SCEE

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 April 20093 Comments

playstation-home-homerunWelcome back to another weekly analysis of the goings on in PlayStation Home. This week we talk about new stores, new spaces, the 1.2 patch, and much more.

But first, we will talk about ‘Picture Frames’. A few weeks ago, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that in the works, amongst other things, are picture frames that allow you to upload your own pictures off your PS3 onto the walls of your Home appartment.

On Tuesday we heard from them that they will be coming after the 1.20 patch is released. Yes, that’s the patch which has been delayed due to a ‘serious bug’ that was discovered at the last minute.

So I guess if you’re in Europe, you’ll be expecting picture frames to arrive at the same time as in North America? Well, we’re afraid that’s not strictly true. You see, SCEE have spoken to their lawyers who recommend against it. TedTheDog explains:

The copyright and moderation issues are still a real concern and for that reason our lawyers have asked SCEE not to launch picture frames when 1.2 is released.

We think we’ve gotten the problem solved ourselves, but we’re not lawyers, so we’re presenting our solution to senior management soon. We (the SCEE Home team) want to provide you with picture frames as soon as possible but I don’t believe it’ll be at the same time as SCEA, it will follow on after, assuming we can demonstrate adequately that the issues are surmountable at a moderation level.

This is very disappointing but you have to understand why they are being very cautious over the subject, even if SCEA are happy to roll picture frames anyway. The patch is now scheduled in around two weeks time by the way.

But the story on SCEE doesn’t end there. This week we have heard Sony speak out on the issues raised about Home and the differences between other regions. There is no need to go through it in full, but if you want to read more about it, click here.

Exclusively in North America this week, the Godfather II space hit the servers, introducing poker tables. And we know what you might be asking: Can we gamble real money? No sorry, not just yet, but what it does do is allow you to practice your poker face before the EA Sports Complex arrives sometime down the line. The EA space that was announced at CES has various poker tables ranked from the bottom to the top of the scale in points and rewards.

The Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot has also been updated which includes a new mini-game and souvenir shop! The updates to the RE5 space, and the introduction of the Godfather II and Guitar Hero III spaces, are all due to arrive in Europe once they have been localised and approved.

But, North America isn’t the only region to get some new content this week. Exclusive for Europe are two new stores: They are ‘Alter Ego’, and ‘The Original V-Shirt store’. The first of these stores gives both boy and girl avatars an unusual range of clothing that you could probably find in a dressing up box. The second new store opens only slightly for a small taster of what’s to come on its big launch on the 23rd of April, where you will be able to purchase Home clothes from brands such as Billabong and Island Records.

Finally in Xi, Alpha Zone One is fully open with three games to choose from inside. You can now also play all three games in expert mode if you fancy an extra challenge. Doing so will earn you a ‘Butterfly’.

TedTheDog has said that there is no new content planned next Thursday for anyone, and that the next window for Europe is on the 23rd of April, which is when hopefully the v1.20 patch will land. But not to worry, no doubt there will be more Xi games and spaces to come before then.