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The Homerun – 16th April 09; Phenomenon that is Xi continues, and update to Listen@Home

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 April 20094 Comments

homerunAnother Thursday, another PS3 Attitude Homerun!! That’s right, the weekly run through of the biggest developments through PlayStation Home is here to keep you up to date with everything going on.

The ongoing mystery of Xi continues with a new development this week. The manhole cover in the Home Square/Central Plaza finally opened with a space that Sony like to call ‘Home Maintenance’. 

This is described as a space where contents from Home that is buggy gets taken to for repairs. There’s only one space currently open, with more set to come, however, in order to enter the main area, users are required to solve another of Xi’s problem solvers.

If you know what we’re talking about and you are stuck on exactly how you can access the rest of the room, we suggest taking a look around the lockers. We’ll leave the rest for you to solve yourselves. 

As per usual, there are more conversations at to read, and another blog post at Miguel’s blog amongst other things. We’re interested to know if you have completed the challenge of finishing all the games in expert mode from Alpha Zone One. We certainly were put in our places when attempting them, but doing so earns us a ‘Butterfly’. If you have managed it, please let us know!

The Shopping Centre and Mall have had a hard earned break this week, leading to no new content to arrive. On the plus side, North American users have been treated to an update to Listen@Home in the Central Plaza, delivering new tracks from the likes of Franz Ferdinand and T-Pain. This feature is definitely the sort of thing we would like to see on the European Home, and SCEA appear to be starting to make the most of it. 

Although one of our most wanted features is access to Music Playback from the XMB while in Home, despite the fact we would never get the opportunity to play that music through our headsets to others while doing the ‘Running Man’ for obvious copyright issues. We think more people would start to jump in to Home if they can take their music collection with them.

Of course most people have also been asking for Picture Frames and video streaming in the Home apartments, and although video streaming may never see the light of day due to the problem of moderation and strains on the servers, Picture Frames have already been confirmed for North America very soon as we mentioned last week.

European users are still waiting for the MySoti store which gives people the chance to design shirts, where everyone can purchase them from within and outside of the virtual online world. Perhaps this will see the light of day next week.

Hopefully if everything is going to plan, the delayed v1.20 patch will finally get released next Thursday. Sony have keep quiet on what to expect from the update, but as per usual, details will be released in advance before it hits the network.