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The Homerun – 23rd April 09; EA Sports Complex and Star Trek

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 April 20097 Comments

homerunWelcome to another Homerun – the weekly run through of the biggest things happening in the world of PlayStation Home. There is a lot to talk about this week, so let’s get down to it!

Without doubt, the biggest new addition and probably the biggest shock is the introduction of EA’s Sports Complex.

This space was announced at this year’s CES and has received high praise in the media for what it adds to the much criticised PlayStation Home platform.

It’s currently in beta, but you can play games like Racing or Poker and earn some rewards providing you find a table or race that isn’t already in progress. 

Although the space is available in Europe as well as in North America, it has yet to be localised so some of the content is targeted at the American audience, and the language is American-English.

A localised edition shall be released in due course, supporting the major languages spoken in Europe. The current edition can also lag a bit when you join the space up while it loads up all the thousands of posters dotted around.

Do you have your Poker face at the ready?

Do you have your Poker face at the ready?

But this week it isn’t all about EA. CAPCOM’s Street Fighter IV is now reportedly compatible with Home Game Launching. The game now adds to Resident Evil 5 and Warhawk that already support this feature.

Both sides of the Atlantic have been treated with new clothes in the Threads store too. Americans have access to a range of Angel and Demons T-Shirts. If those aren’t enough, they have also thrown in two inFamous and Uncharted 2 shirts!

European users, however, have even more clothing and the highlight has to be those for ‘Star trek’. That’s right; every one of you ‘trekkies’ can now take your love (or obsession) of everything Star Trek into the every-growing world of PlayStation Home, all for free. 

MySoti is a website where anyone and everyone from Europe can design and sell clothing. This service has now landed onto the Home universe in the form of new clothing chosen by the team from their favourite creations every fortnight in the Threads store. Designers can even make a cut of the revenue from each item sold. In other words, Home can make you rich!

Finally ‘The Original V-Store’ has twenty new designs from popular brands such as Billabong and Island Records. As per usual, content will grow through out the future.

SCEA are currently in talks with Insomniac in creating two spaces; one for Ratchet and Clank and one for Resistance. So they are asking gamers what they want to see in these areas including virtual items, unlockables and general space features. Visit their thread to post your suggestions for the team.

You may be wondering what on earth has happened to the v1.20 Home update. Well, we don’t know either, and are awaiting news on this. In the mean time, there is a lot of new content to check out, which should keep you busy while you wait. 

We actually don’t know much about the update, as Sony have yet to give away any details. Here’s hoping for a release next Thursday!

Finally we will talk about Xi. The mystery underground world continues to develop, and currently there are a total of ten fragments to unlock. The most recent ones are for fixing the servers in a frustrating game where you move green, blue and yellow tiles into the right places on the grid with only one square space free to move them about. 

The second is for finding a piece of yellow paper somewhere hidden out there in one of the public spaces, and this has some writing on it that you have to then enter into a HoloPad. 

As you can see, there is a lot of new content this week to keep you going. We think Home is starting to have a bigger presence on the PlayStation 3 as more and more companies are now starting to take advantage of the huge potential it offers for them.

Today’s home could be simply a shadow of the service we will see in three, six or twelve months time.