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The Homerun – 30th April 09; Game Items, Xi and Q&A

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 20092 Comments

homerunThis week’s Homerun is here, the weekly run through of the goings on in PlayStation Home. We have a few things to talk about, so lets get straight into it…

Firstly, we will jump straight into Xi.

Every weekday new things develop in PlayStation Home’s underground mystery universe, most of the time we see new conversations and blog posts, but every now and then a new space opens…

On Monday, Alpha Zone 2 opened its doors (well technically its teleporter), and it’s unlike anything we have seen before. Alpha Zone 1 was all about the games, and this one is… well how can we explain it? 

Around the room are a load of TV screens with planets showing on them, and then there are two fish tanks: The Good Fish Tank, and the Evil Fish Tank. 

You can unlock a fragment by completing the unique fish tanks game where you play a small fish on his fight for survival. It’s decent providing you can find a way to join past the build up of crowds.Screens one and two have now also been activated, allowing you to unlock your twelfth fragment. 

Oh and be aware of ‘3Lite’, word going around in Xi is that he has hacked the service causing havoc and producing strange messages on the ‘What’s New’ screen in the hub. What could be going on?

Moving away from Xi, we have some disappointing news: Still no 1.20 update. Sony is keeping mum on the subject after it was reportedly delayed due to a serious bug found that needed fixing. 

So until we hear more, we’ll just stop talking about it instead of the usual “It hasn’t arrived yet! Maybe next week?”

There is some good news coming from the Sony America forums! The Home team there are asking you guys what items you want to see from four of their own games. 

They say that so many people want game related items, but it can be a difficult matter when dealing with third-party developers. The games they have listed for this round are Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, God of War 2, Twisted Metal, and Shadow of the Colossus. 

So get your thinking caps on and give them some help for ideas here.

Talking of wanting ideas, SCEE are running their own request thread on the European forums. They want you to come up with suggestions for what clothes the team should wear in Home. 

That’s right, the team have no clothes (yikes) and so they have come to us for ideas. Show your feminine side by helping them out here.

Sony Europe is holding a Q&A session on the 1st of May with a regular contributor on the European forums, DrVixx. He will have a set of ten questions to ask a member or staff, and then the answers will be reported back to the forums. Will be interesting to hear what is said!

Only North America has had an update in items this week, although only a small one. In fact, a Street Fighter IV wig is the extent of what’s new and is all yours for $0.99.

The next content update confirmed for Europe is next week on the 7th of May. North American users are being kept silent on when and what to expect on new goodies, but we’ll keep our ears close to the ground.

So until next time, happy Home exploring!

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