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Hong Kong PS Store Update For April 30th – Where Is It?

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 20092 Comments

psn_wideHong Kong is on the horizon, so is an eerie feeling that he cannot fully understand nor describe.  As he sets foot on the once bustling city he knew things were not right.  Our humble yet brave staff writer is met with nothingness, something he did not expect to find this day.  “This cannot be” he thought to himself, “there must be something.  Anything.”

He travels the land searching for signs of any PlayStation activity on this day.  He is met with disappointment every time.  His travels must continue, but he is not giving up on Hong Kong.  He can’t.  As he makes arrangements to send PS3A scout parties to search even deeper, he moves on to Europe.  “This is not over yet.”

Today’s PS Store Updates:  Japan / Hong Kong / Europe / North America

We will update this post once the PS3A scout parties report back.