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It’s Earth Day: SCEE announce Trash Panic (Gomibako)

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 April 20092 Comments

Trash PanicThe Japanese are fixated on rubbish.

Visit Japan and you’ll witness a cornucopia of different refuse bins available; one for plastics, another for coloured plastics etc, signifying a nation committed to recycling and responsible waste management.

It’s therefore little shock that the Japanese have combined their passion for garbage collection with their other renown skill – making videogames.

Currently available on the Japanese store, SCEE have announced today; fittingly on Earth Day (in case you weren’t aware), that an English version of the game is coming this spring.

Trash Panic popped up in the first part of our Games Database Redux series back when it was simply known by its Japanese name: Gomibako (literally, Trash Can). Breaking the gameplay down to its bare essentials, it’s basically Tertis with the added flair of pyromania and a physics engine.

Heavy objects crush previous items filling up your “gomibako”, fire can ignite chains that combust everything in sight. There’s even a toilet that can add water to the mix – though we admit we’re not sure what the benefit of this is.

Emphasising the eco-friendliness of the game, each level completed results in a particular rating depending on that level’s performance. The higher the rating, the more modes and levels unlock. If it sounds bizarre it’s because it is. Don’t believe us? Check the video below.