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It’s the Zombie Apocalypse! New screens surface

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 April 2009One Comment

Zombies! Everywhere!We may have gone Burn Zombie Burn! crazy these days (interview with Doublesix still planned to hit today, stay tuned) but that’s not going to stop other top-down undead shooters entering the zombie market.

Konami have just made available a handful of screenshots of Zombie Apocalypse, a game we would have described simply as Crash TV meets Left 4 Dead but, with BZB now firmly embedded in our gaming psyche, we have to add the latter to the mix when comparing the new title with existing properties.

There are distinct differences of course. For one, Zombie Apocalypse casts up to four players against the swarming menace (there’s that Left 4 Dead reference) and, as we reported yesterday, differs from Burn Zombie Burn! as it proffers players the ability to go online and wipe out the undead plague co-operatively.

Players will have an array of devastating weapons at their disposal including “assault rifles, flame throwers and a teddy bear filled with C4 explosives”. We’re also informed that a chainsaw is available and “eradication of the undead rewards the players with points, as they compete for high scores which are logged online.” So it is a little like Burn Zombie Burn! then.

We believe the game is unique enough to co-exist quite happily with our latest indie favourite BZB! After all, the fact that players can “use environmental hazards to crush, burn, slice, or cause other types of destruction on the masses of zombies” must be seen as a positive in anyone’s book. Also, and this is something we really like, failure to purge the reanimated scourge from the world results in the player joining the ranks of the shuffling undead while obtaining access to “challenging unlockable game modes.”