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Japanese End of Eternity trailer translated; robots confirmed

Submitted by on Saturday, 18 April 20092 Comments

End of EternityWe’re all about the Japanese RPG trailers this week.

Although, admittedly, this one surfaced a few days ago, we just didn’t get the chance to bring it to your attention with all the other exciting news that hit this week – not to mention some new betas that have been sucking our time away.

Better late than never of course and, as recompense for our tardiness, we’ve decided to shed some English light on a very Japanese affair by translating some of the text within the sneak peek.

Check out the trailer here along with some screenshots we’ve taken from the footage for all those unable to access “online moving pictures” for whatever reason.

Speaking about tri-Ace’s new RPG End of Eternity back when it was simply known as “Project Shidō“, we suggested giant robots could feature in the game. We’re not saying we’re prophetic or anything but, what’s that interspersed among the swan-diving and moody action moments below, all metallic and lifeless? Yes, we got some robots people and we may have also discovered a certain AI that will be a focal point of the game’s plot.

We already know the game’s premise features a futuristic Earth choked by poisonous gases resulting in the remnants of mankind turning their purifying device Burzel into a sort of Noah’s ark or Tower of Babel. Civilisation has grown higher and higher from the base of Burzel and away from the toxic land, leading to the inevitable class-war as the rich populate the higher reaches of the city while the poor slum it out at its base. Life was far from perfect but at least Burzel was doing his job and keeping the world habitable. Until now.

We’re thinking we’ve caught our first glimpse of the machine mankind is now so reliant upon in the trailer with what we assume is Burzel looking a little like a metallic mixture of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey and an elaborate sextant-cum-gyroscope. We could be getting ahead of ourselves but we wouldn’t be surprised if old Burzel has gone rogue all by himself and has stopped working for a reason.

We’re liking End of Eternity for its overall tone. Difficult to describe, the design of the game has a unique retro steampunk feel that reminds us of The Rocketeer meets Devil May Cry. The trenchcoat donned machine-gun firing ‘bots that can be seen also in the image accompanying this article also remind us of pulp crime novel goons and possess a distinctly noir feel.

We reckon End of Eternity will be a welcome addition to the PS3’s RPG library, viewed as something different next to the likes of the fantastical other-worldly aesthetic of Final Fantasy XIII and the strategic challenge that is Valkyria Chronicles.

Those of you looking for the Japanese translation to the title cards from within the trailer can simply click on the gallery below where we have added the English text. Warning: it’s quite … theological …